Thursday, May 7

Penne Aglio Olio

anyone wud like to try?

I've tasted it - besttttt ok *angkat bakul sendiri*. Credit to Zal for her effort typing the recipe thru YM.. or is it copy & paste? I can google the recipe actually, but I'm not sure whether the end result is sedap.. Like what happened to my twisted Kung Pao Beef. Since I'm online looking for the recipe at 5.30am, 6.30pm Malaysia time and Zal's YM warna koneng senyum jer so kene attack la. This is how our conversation look like, early stage...

Me: U ols tau masak spegeti olio x?
Me: By mean tau = sedap ---> demand ok, chihihi
Zal: Mak ada masak olio, n by my stended sedap la (surang lagi angkat bakul sendiri)
Zal: X tau la kalau u ols rasa x sedap (merendah diri balik)

The rest of the conversation, Luv Lula giving me list of ingredients n how to cook it. As usual, not all ingredient is available at my modest kitchen, still have to improvise bit here n there..

Chilli flakes - I replace it with Cili Kering gunting kecik2 (gigih ok)
Oregano - dun hav it, but I hav Thyme, Rosemary & Marjoram (blasah letak semua)

So there I am, 5.30 in the morning.. doing prep for olio. Took out sosej n shrimp to be part of it - reason being they defrost easily compared to chicken or meat.. he he.. By the way this Olio is for breakfast aka bekal untuk suami bawak ofis.. tsk tsk... Isteri mithali x? *angkat bakul again*

Demn, it is much easier to cook olio compared to carbonara or bolognese ok... This recipe definitely will go under my 'lazy day recipe'. I just know that Aglio is Garlic & Olio is Oil in italian... To be frank, this is my 2nd attemp cooking olio, the first attemp was at Sasa's pad a year back. Both of us *feeling* *berangan* after watching Nigella Lawson show.. Result = the sphagetti sedap but definitely not Aglio Olio.. sort off jadi macam Sphagetti goreng, sket lagi boleh masuk category Mee Goreng Mamak. :P

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  1. Mak ada banyak recipi simple yang senang untuk di masak, maybe I can share it with u
    /me on YM