Tuesday, May 5

Kung Pao Beef

Kung Pao Beef :)

My first attempt to cook Kung Pao Beef - look wise ok, taste wise not sure... hubby still at office, will wait him for late lunch together. If u ask me, definitely I will said that I cooked like Jamie Oliver (angkat bakul sendiri katanya). Hopefully I will get thumbs up from hubby, despite lack of ingredients. I googled the recipe by the way, chihihihi.

Cashewnut or Peanut - I replace it with Almond
Szechuan Peppercorn - I replace it with Black Pepper
Chinese Rice Wine/Dry Sherry - apa tu? what 2 replace with? skip...
Dried Red Chilli - I replace it with Cili Padi (pedas ok!)

***updated entry***

the judge have spoken
look wise = 4 star
taste wise = 4 star... woohoooooo :)
komen tambahan judge = sedap la tapi tader rasa kung pao pun..
komen sendiri = pedas gila weihhhh!! *minum susu*

hmm... guess i've created new dish after all.. ekekekek


  1. daging halal for daging halal dear.. u'll be getting one soon.. keji sgt carut melk :P