Wednesday, May 13

I'm a Loser

The phrase "I'm a loser" or "U r a loser",in many ways depict negativity... But when such phrase is said in a gym, it means totally different. YES!!! For the month of April, I was top 5 in TOP LOSER CLUB.. yay me! I'm a top loser!! Hahaha..for the first time I didn't get mad when people say I'm a loser. I didn't lost much actually - 2 pounds of my weight (1kg je), 0.3% of body fat & 3.5 inches of my body measurement. The first winner lost about 15 inches ok, but the system calculate based on your body ratio. Meaning if I'm obese @ gemok giler but lost 3.5 inches, I won't make it in TOP LOSER CLUB.

Top Loser Club Board.. Can u spot my name?

Ok, I know u can't... So I took closer picture

The white ribbon at the end of your star means how many inches u have lost, have a look at 3rd place winner... panjang seih ribbon dia, longer than 1st & 2nd winner. So, she must be very obese.. lost quite a lot but won 3rd place only. See my ribbon, pendek jer...ahahhaha.. Still, I am very proud of myself.. hnf hnf hnf

Felt a bit regret (read = a bit) coz I indulged myself with lotsa stuff last weekend, ate like there is no tommorrow... Nasi + lauk pauk, donut lagi, ice cream lagi - wooh, it's been a month since I have a date with my beloved ice cream (i miss u).One thing for sure, I have no regret eating heavenly moist & yummy cheesecake by Cheesecake Factory. U can see my hand holding a teaspoon (ditch guna fork) ready to 'terjah' the cake.. ekekek.. Super dupper yummy *ayaq liuq menjejeh* =P~

My super delicious White Choc Macademia & Caramel Cheesecake

Insaf.. kene insaf, nak kurus macam taylor swift... nak kurus macam taylor swift.. *pose pegi gym* *pose jog* have to burn all those fatty fat back.. need to be slim like taylor swift. *pose minum air kosong*


  1. Hey do u know there's a TV show called 'The Biggest Loser'? it's like what u guys buat kat gym tu - pertandingan lose weight. huhu. Syok tgk. I nak la weighing scale dia yg gila perkasa itu...

  2. tau2.. ada tengok few times, strict woo trainer dia.. biggest loser tuh pun ada dvd dia tau.. tp mcm trauma jer tgk weighing scale tuh.. dia punya nombor besar amat.. takut pengsan tengok if penat eksesais n diet, tp berat x turun :(

  3. ini macam ku kenal cake nie hehehehehe

  4. wow, i suka la gym ada piala2 ni