Monday, June 1

I Love U~

Woottttt!! Woooooooooohoooo!

I'm officially in love with Fresh Blueberries... In fact, I'm eating it while writing this entry.. *sedapnyerrr**manisnyerrr**nyum nyum*

We are lucky actually, when we arrived at the orchard.. the personnel told us that their Blackberry have started to ripen. So basically we came at the right time.. End season of strawberry, peak season of blueberry & early season of blackberry.

It took around 2 hours to go there.. We planned to picnic / eat our breakkie at picnic area around the orchard.. However 1.5 hours down the road, we are hungry.. perut pun bunyik *kruk kruk* So we ask Mandy, our GPS to guide us to a recreational park nearby. She guide us to a park called Spring Creek Park. Very lushes green, clean comfortable picnic bench + bbq pit.. Lovely!! Lotsa pine trees & pine cones are everywhere on the ground.

urs truly, full & happy..background adalah pine tree + park

Told u so... greenery scenic, makan pun tenang jer... Anyway, u can only spot like 10-15 pine trees behind me rite? & the trees placing is random. Well, I didn't snap DH picx from my POV. It's early in the morning, what do u expect? My so called enjin tak panas lagi + I'm sooo not morning person. Since I dun have the picx, might as well I babble bout it. What a waste actually, his background is much nicer than mine. My background is the park but his adalah hutan! The pine tress are not random more like bersusun2 sampai jadi hutan yang terancang.. Cantik tau :)

our brekkie, simple jer.. mihun + ayam goreng + OJ/mineral water

Update on my father, just received the news that my father dah discharged from hospital.. Alhamdulilah, everything was Ok.. He's now at home & can share the bed with Posh again. Posh is our cat initially, but when we blurt out that we are going 2 houston.. Papa & Mama beriya nak amik Posh.. I'm glad that my parents love Posh dearly, tido pun sekali.. kemain lagi! hehe.. It seems that Posh always stay beside Papa during saket2, muntah2 & berak2. Errrr, that's another different story. Karangan luar topik dah ni.. Nak padam, penat type.. So i'll post different entry & picx around the orchard then. :P

Posh gemok! dia memang suka duk terkangkang camtuh


  1. Penah pegi strawberry picking dulu, panasss tobat tak pegi lagi. Tapi the taste of fresh berrys memag sedap

    BTW, gojes cat...

  2. hi dek..leh tak kita tukar banner/link,kasi tau akak bila dah post ye..thank

    jenguk2 lah ye handmade jewelry buatan akak sendiri ye

  3. dal - rasa nak pitam sbb panas, lagi panas hati org curik stroberi kami
    zal - eefei dpt fiance mata biru, i dpt koceng mata biru jer
    yati - dah add link.. cantik2 beads earing tuh