Monday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day

10th May 2009 - no mother's day sale...ahahaha.. memorial day maybe ada sale *hoping n wishing* almost sewel coz 24/7 duk shopping je.. nevertheless still klua/masuk burberry to see if my favorite purse is there but nope, not there -I've been eyeing it for the past one year.. I remembered *drooling over this particular long wallet @ check purse* at Burberry, Pavi KL.. sampei la ni duk ayaq liuq menjejeh =P~

The hope is definitely still there.. maybe Sasa or DaL can buy it for me at Burberry Outlet, London? Pelis pelis pweeetttyyyy pelisss... eh... off topic, if talking bout by wishlist it will never end.. nafsu shopping macam nafsu kuda ok!!!

Anyway, I want to wish all the mother & mother-2-b out there.. Happy Mother's Day and enjoy urself.. Below is my beloved Mama's picx.. Sabotaj ok letak gambar tengah nganga nak makan.... Ekekeke.... ITA SAYANG MAMA, MUAHSSS MUAHSSS.. Anyway, I like this picx bcoz it is a bit blur n the food looks like moving bcoz of the blurness..Chihihi :)

Puan Zainah, my beloved Mama... :)

I always hope that I got my mum's genetic coz she looks younger than her age. She's aged beautifully and still got smokin' body - ideal weight for her height.. Bit pressure when she says.. Ita, naper gemok sangat nihhhh??? haih~ need to be slim! need to be slim! need to be slim like Taylor Swift!!


  1. berapa gak nyer umur puan zainah ni

  2. this picx taken year 2007 - so masa ni puan zainah umur 58 tahun

  3. ur mum memang nampak muda la Ita. Kena tuntut petua tu.

    BTW, dapat tak mail yg I reply bout the burberry tuh. Sorry , tak bleh belikan wallet tu sekarang. I can feel the 'teruja' feeling tu. Selagi tak dapat selagi tu la asyik terkenang2. Kalau by bulan Julai nanti tak dapat lagi purse idaman you tu, bolehla I cuba try test rikki kan the purse kat summer sale kat sini.

  4. dal, dun worie i dapat emel tuh... i suh my besfren (sasa) rikki for me kalau dia ada masa.. dia akan gi london end of may visiting her sis n tgk concert boyzone.. kalau dia x sempat rikki n beli for me baru nak susahkan u.. he he.. i sanggup bersabar.. dpt yg lebeh kurang pun jadilah.. i x cerewet sgt..