Saturday, May 2

Happy 3rd Birthday, Alif!!

alif's cheeky smile - picx with tok & maktok

1st May - for some people is just a Labor Day aka another Public Holiday. As for our family, it is Alif's birthday + holiday + birthday party... triple celebration! It is very convinient to organize birthday party when your birthday falls on public holiday... hahaha... that is what Ana (alif's mama) told me once.

Sorry, Uncle Farris & Aunty Tai couldn't be there and join the party.. Wishing all of u, specially bebudak & bapak budak (ita tau, abg sham yg paling eksaited) have a blast one, enjoy urself! Makan kek ingat kat ita yang sebuk berdiet nih.. hehehe

Missing u.. I love u Papa n Mama.. Ayong, Abg Sham, Ana, Alif, Harris, Haziq.. muaxx muaxx.

Hmmm.... Ayong >> Ita tau Alif n Harris ingat kat Ita.. Tp Haziq ingat x kat ita? Hopefully dia ingat kat Aunty Tai dia (yes, it is TAI not ITA - thanks to Harris yang pelat masa kecik).

Lastly, to everybody out there - Happy Labor Day.. except people working following US n Japan holiday, they have different day celebrating Labor Day. I know this becoz once I have to work during Labor Day settling/funding USD againts JPY forex - yikess..not liking it, coz all alone in office *creepy*.


  1. bunyi cam ucapan perantauan raya la..Heheh

  2. prektis.. mana tau terkene raya kat sini..