Wednesday, May 20

David or Richie?

This conversation happened between yours truly & dear hubby less than 24 hours ago. One of our miscommunication moment and we can see how differ our thinking process is!!

DH: Eh, Nicol David kat sini la skarang
Me: Sini?
DH: Dia kat Dallas now
Me: Buat apa?
DH: Duh~ Buat apa lagi, main squash la
Me: Bukan dia pregnant ke?
DH: Nicol David la!!!!
Me: Ouh, hehehe ingat Nicole Richie
DH: *silence* *buat muka x puas hati*

Abeslaaaa, urs tuly kene cop bimbo pasnih... He's talking bout Sports, but I'm thinking bout Hollywood / Entertainment.


  1. hahahaha, lawaks.. guess coz u kat usa all u think is usa people kot, cam surreal lak nicole david ada kat sana.. agaknya.. or ke mmg u saturated ngan hollywoods updates je..haha

  2. tader la saturated sgt dgn hollywood updates, sket2 adalah.. tp pasal nicol david tuh mmg x penah ckp ar.. ita x tau la caner nak remove follower tuh.. tekan2, korek2.. las las ita pun termasuk dalam tuh skali

  3. LOL!
    So you were there at the Texas open? awesome.

    Thanks for your support of our dear Datuk Nicol!

    Editor, NDOnline.