Friday, May 22

Colostomy Reversal Surgery

Assalamualaikum & Good Day to all,

It all started a year back, when Papa always complaining sebu perut, perut masuk angin, berak x lawas and etc etc. But last 2 months (mid March) he was admitted due to Intestinal Obstruction. The blockage caused by a benign (alhamdulillah not cancerous) which reside at his intestine. Docs did an emergency surgery - removing the benign and since the ends can't be reconnected untill full recovery, docs opt for Colostomy.

Cartoonize picx to protect viewers from vomiting

Alhamdulillah after 2 months berak dalam plastic (special plastic for colostomy, not any plastic okehhh), doc confirmed that he's ready for Colostomy Reversal Surgery. Today 21st May @ 3pm, my father just came out from OT (more than 6 hours surgery + 2 hours observation) for a Colostomy Reversal Surgery. Please pray / doakan his recovery and well being. Alhamdulilah he is now stabilize & out from Surgery Observation Ward (Red Zone) but my sister informed me that he is in so much PAIN compared to the previous surgery. It is very heartbreaking when I heard this, knowing that I can't be beside him during this critical time. 'Anak Papa' is thousand miles away. Yes~ I am daddy's little girl, my other two sis are 'Anak Mama'.

Sedehhhhhhnyerrrrr :(


  1. Semoga your dad cepat sembuh.. Amin

  2. thanks dal, alhamdulilah so far tader complication.. sedeh, sedeh jugak.. memorial sale ita pegi jugak.. hehehhe