Friday, May 29

Berry oh Berry

Warning: Content have nothing to do with my drooling over Burberry Nova Check Wallet.

It's Friday and I have to come up with a plan for the weekend. Nope, I'm done shopping (eh, ye ker?).. Let me rephrase then, no shopping this weekend.. maybe next weekend? ekekke.. Proposal have been submitted to DH and approved by him. Guess what? chihihi... We are going to an orchard for strawberry & blueberry picking!!! I'm super excited! Never done this before and really looking forward to eat EXTRA FRESH strawberry & blueberry.. In fact, I've never eaten fresh blueberry b4 *nyum nyum*.. blueberry dalam tin penah la makan..

A bit Do's & Don't while picking Blueberries..
  1. Pick only plump, full blueberry with light gray-blue color.
  2. A berry with any hint of red is unripe. There is no point picking unripe berry bcoz they will not be sweet.
  3. Leave any unripe blueberries for future blueberry lovers, after all blueberries will not ripen after picking.
  4. Sometimes berries are in clusters (ripe & unripe). Lightly tickle the clusters, the ripe ones will fall off and the unripe ones will stay.
  5. Dont wash berries until just b4 using to prevent from becoming mushy
  6. Extra nutritional info, 1 cup (150 grams) of blueberries have only 84 calories :)

Lightly tickle the cluster - the upper one will fall easily :)

And now picking tips for Strawberry..
  1. Select plump, firm, fully red strawberries.
  2. A little green on the shoulders (next to the stem) is okay if you want to hold the strawberries for couple of days.
  3. The small berries are often most flavorful --> ouh, selama ni duk ingat lagi besar lagi best
  4. Unripe strawberries will not ripen once picked, leave the unripe ones for future strawberry lovers.
  5. Do the math, be careful not to over-picking as strawberries quickly mold when left at room temperature and only last a couple of days in the fridge.
  6. Extra nutritional info, 1 cup (150 grams) of strawberries have only 43 calories --> wah! lagi sikit dr blueberries.

Pick the most right - leave alone the rest :P

Cross your finger ladies, hopefully the wheather is permitting on Saturday or Sunday. O'oh, sure panas gila while picking the berries.. I dun have any big hat to wear but I do have fisherman's hat, that will work.. But I think I'm gonna shop for a while later, need to buy baju senipis tidak (read: nipis not jarang) and comfortable.. I realized that my wardrobe full of knee-length dress, babyT yang ketat which is not comfortable to go picking berries, flowery/flowy chiffon top yang jarang which is not suitable to wear either. Well, all my work out tshirt looks ok tapi leher kembang!! so camner? ahahha.. siapa suruh kesat peluh kat muka guna leher baju? We'll see how, depends on my mood.

Toodles :D


  1. haha, kata tokmoh shopping, by the way.. activity yg sgt menariks..:)

  2. shopping sbb terdesak, sekejap jer - cari tshirt murah2.. lagipun mmg kene singgah jap mall, moisturizer dah abes.. *muka kering kontang*.. shopping yang pusing mall berjam2 lamanya tuh x buat la wiken nih