Wednesday, May 27

Anniversary Pressie~

My 2nd wedding anny is coming soon.. Problem is I have no idea what to give to DH as pressie.. I know I still have a month to go but I want 2 buy early or at least save up lil bit more if the price is going 2 effect my monthly spending.. bukanlah kedekut, but I need to say bye bye for a while to new shoes, new dress/top & new bags, etc.. I've asked him personally the other day, but his response sangatlah tidak memberangsangkan!

Me to DH: Sayang, awak nak aper utk anny?
DH to me: Tak tau arrrr
Me to DH: Cuba pk, mesti ada sumthing yang awak nak..
DH to me: Nak Sports Car!!
Me to DH: *sambil wat muka* Tak mampu arrrrrrrrr

Hmmphhhh.. then how? Shud I do the same thing he did to me when I ask for a new bettLe?

he bought me this.. siap ada surfing board lagi :P

So lovely peeps.. please help~ I really need help this time! any idea? Hope we can brainstorm together.. Thank you in advance! :D

***** edited*****

Thanks to all yang contribute idea specially yang gigih YM siap diskas bersungguh2.. Appreciate it :)

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