Friday, May 29

Berry oh Berry

Warning: Content have nothing to do with my drooling over Burberry Nova Check Wallet.

It's Friday and I have to come up with a plan for the weekend. Nope, I'm done shopping (eh, ye ker?).. Let me rephrase then, no shopping this weekend.. maybe next weekend? ekekke.. Proposal have been submitted to DH and approved by him. Guess what? chihihi... We are going to an orchard for strawberry & blueberry picking!!! I'm super excited! Never done this before and really looking forward to eat EXTRA FRESH strawberry & blueberry.. In fact, I've never eaten fresh blueberry b4 *nyum nyum*.. blueberry dalam tin penah la makan..

A bit Do's & Don't while picking Blueberries..
  1. Pick only plump, full blueberry with light gray-blue color.
  2. A berry with any hint of red is unripe. There is no point picking unripe berry bcoz they will not be sweet.
  3. Leave any unripe blueberries for future blueberry lovers, after all blueberries will not ripen after picking.
  4. Sometimes berries are in clusters (ripe & unripe). Lightly tickle the clusters, the ripe ones will fall off and the unripe ones will stay.
  5. Dont wash berries until just b4 using to prevent from becoming mushy
  6. Extra nutritional info, 1 cup (150 grams) of blueberries have only 84 calories :)

Lightly tickle the cluster - the upper one will fall easily :)

And now picking tips for Strawberry..
  1. Select plump, firm, fully red strawberries.
  2. A little green on the shoulders (next to the stem) is okay if you want to hold the strawberries for couple of days.
  3. The small berries are often most flavorful --> ouh, selama ni duk ingat lagi besar lagi best
  4. Unripe strawberries will not ripen once picked, leave the unripe ones for future strawberry lovers.
  5. Do the math, be careful not to over-picking as strawberries quickly mold when left at room temperature and only last a couple of days in the fridge.
  6. Extra nutritional info, 1 cup (150 grams) of strawberries have only 43 calories --> wah! lagi sikit dr blueberries.

Pick the most right - leave alone the rest :P

Cross your finger ladies, hopefully the wheather is permitting on Saturday or Sunday. O'oh, sure panas gila while picking the berries.. I dun have any big hat to wear but I do have fisherman's hat, that will work.. But I think I'm gonna shop for a while later, need to buy baju senipis tidak (read: nipis not jarang) and comfortable.. I realized that my wardrobe full of knee-length dress, babyT yang ketat which is not comfortable to go picking berries, flowery/flowy chiffon top yang jarang which is not suitable to wear either. Well, all my work out tshirt looks ok tapi leher kembang!! so camner? ahahha.. siapa suruh kesat peluh kat muka guna leher baju? We'll see how, depends on my mood.

Toodles :D

Thursday, May 28

Lovopoly? Huh!?

I was browsing for anniversary gift ideas and I came across this website - some sort Personalized Monopoly aka Lovopoly. Last Valentine's we saw an advertisement bout this thingy at TV, and both of us *buat muka*. Our conclusion is, "hayooo, kalau 2 orang ok la, kalau nak ajak orang lain main sama sure macam geli2 jer"

Thank god DH is not very mushy mushy guy.. Thank god I'm not hopeless romantic type of girl.. And yours truly bersyukur sangat2 Allah jodohkan both of us together.

Lovopoly Geli Geli - In therapy gambar katil ley?

Tetibe terbayang if I end up with a clingy guy / mushy mushy guy.. nak berak pun sure tak senang.. "Kenapa u x angkat teliponnnn~ Banyak kali I call.. Sayang~~" - "I berak!!" Boleh x? Kejam kan aku? Eh.. this scenario is a bit too familiar.. Oh ya, I did ditch this MFMP for DH. I really can't stand his clingy, calling 24 hours with 5 minutes interval. Pukul 3 pagi call "Ehek ehek, I cant sleep thinking of u..sayanggggg~~~"

Anyway this MFMP is no longer in my life, I'm almost 100% sure if I'm with him.. He surely will order this personalize lovopoly. Geli mat~ Geli mat~ Kasi murah kalkulator Encik Tabur~

By the way, I'm not that "hati karassss" or kayu sangat pun.. but I'm more practical type.. I do say I love him, I still give him good nite kiss, err kisses.. I give him a hug once he's back from work - provide that bukan tengah gadoh la. I do call him at work sumtimes, but keep it short.. Tader la nak merengek2 mengada2 cakap mendayu2 "Bila u nak balik babyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Tsk tsk tsk, I mish u babyyyyyyyyyyy~~~"

Dunno why, lepas tengok website lovopoly tuh - entry blog pun jadi bingai sket.. My suggestion, dari abes duit order personalized monopoly yang geli2 tuh.. baik gi beli Monopoly Collectibles Indiana Jones Special Edition. Packaging dalam kotak kayu lagi.. kotak tuh lawa sket jer dr kotak kayu limau mandarin masa Chinese New Year.

Kotak Limau Mandarin - Indiana Jones punya limau *jangan curi*

Wednesday, May 27

Anniversary Pressie~

My 2nd wedding anny is coming soon.. Problem is I have no idea what to give to DH as pressie.. I know I still have a month to go but I want 2 buy early or at least save up lil bit more if the price is going 2 effect my monthly spending.. bukanlah kedekut, but I need to say bye bye for a while to new shoes, new dress/top & new bags, etc.. I've asked him personally the other day, but his response sangatlah tidak memberangsangkan!

Me to DH: Sayang, awak nak aper utk anny?
DH to me: Tak tau arrrr
Me to DH: Cuba pk, mesti ada sumthing yang awak nak..
DH to me: Nak Sports Car!!
Me to DH: *sambil wat muka* Tak mampu arrrrrrrrr

Hmmphhhh.. then how? Shud I do the same thing he did to me when I ask for a new bettLe?

he bought me this.. siap ada surfing board lagi :P

So lovely peeps.. please help~ I really need help this time! any idea? Hope we can brainstorm together.. Thank you in advance! :D

***** edited*****

Thanks to all yang contribute idea specially yang gigih YM siap diskas bersungguh2.. Appreciate it :)

Tuesday, May 26

MBMJ Totally Turnlock Faridah Hobo

Brand : Marc by Marc Jacob (MBMJ)
Condition : Brand new with tag
Size : 12 ¾” (L) x 14 ½” (H) x 6 ½” (W)
Strap : Padded leather shoulder strap with 12” drop
Colour : Cherry (Red)
Trimming : Patent leather with tonal topstitching
Outside material : 100% Patent Leather
Inside material : Fine textile lining
Other info:
  • Exterior - 1 front zipper pocket
  • Exterior - 2 front pouch pockets with turnlock closure
  • Exterior - 1 main open top compartment with hidden magnetic closure
  • Exterior - Round logo MBMJ engraved studs throughout
  • Exterior - Polished silver metal hardware
  • Exterior - Flat leather base
  • Interior - 1 leather trimmed zipper pocket
  • Interior - 1 handphone pocket & 1 multifunction pocket
  • Item is at Malaysia, please allow 2 working days for ground shipping

Price: RM 1500 including shipping (negotiable)

I'm selling on behalf of a friend, she's letting it go bcoz this bag is way to big for her petite frame. If u r interested, please email me at

Monday, May 25

Quite an Interesting Day

At first, it is like normal days.. u know those not-so interesting / not-so boring day.. Woke up around 9.45am - cook breakkie - eat - take bath - then out for movie. Catch a 11am movie, Night at the Museum 2. Being me I always enjoy "cerita mengarut" aka not so heavy storylines, yet not that lite (as in no purpose kinda of movie).. Basically this movie makes me happy enuff said.

Then, the day started moving to interesting phase.. After finish watching Night at the Museum, bought Sprite at nearest vending machine then we sneaked in to other cinema for free movie. It is new movie called Dance Flick. Watched it like 40 minutes, then we decided to blah.. Hehehe.. bcoz this movie is stupid, u know what I mean? those Scary Movie type of movie - mocking other movies, mocking celebrities.. yes it is fun but for me it is more fun if I dont watch it at all. :P

So, out we go and sneaked in to another movie called Obsessed starring by Beyonce & Ali Larter. Up till now, I still don't understand why Ali Larter way too craaaazy bout Beyonce's hubby. Anyway, if she is not that crazy.. then the movie title will not be Obsessed rite? Overall ok, not crap neither good movie.. just a so-so. We are done sneaking around, went to restroom mother nature's calling.. hehehe.. Entered the restroom, I smell like sumthing burning.. There is a lady security inside there as well and another makcik errr...nenek actually

Security 2 me: Do u smell anything?
Me 2 security: Yup like sumthing is burning..
Nenek 2 both: Maybe somebody smoking inside here
Me 2 both: Nope, I think this is more like electrical burning or bulb
Security 2 both: Maybe it's the bulb

All 3 of us now checking each bulb at the ceiling *looking*

Security 2 both: Bulbs are ok, I'm gonna alert the other guys bout this
Me 2 both: I'm going to another ladies then..
Nenek: *continuing washing hands*

I'm out from there and went to other restroom. After finishing doing my small business there, we headed the main entrance...

DH 2 me: WooooH! lebatnyer hujan
Me to DH: Nemind, we'll get sumthing to munch sambil tunggu hujan reda (truth is I'm demn hungry, I dun eat much the brekkie that I cooked.. tak sedap okehhhh)

Hubby sat at the table coz there are so many people stranded inside the cinema due to the heavy rain while I'm queueing to order. Ordered Ice Cream for me & Onion Rings for DH. Just started eating when the alarm when berzerk. All still calm, just looking weirdly at the alarm & continue eating n lingering around, yes including us. Then we saw people all coming out from each n every cinema and heading out. So, we grabbed our food and heading out as well.

Problem, it is raining heavily + windy.. Dengan sedehnyer, terkena la tempias manja.. So we decided to go inside back...keji kan? But not only us, maybe half of us heading inside back...akakakak.. The cinema personnel pun taderlah halau pun kami2 nih semua.. Just they restrain us from entering the left & right wing. As long as we stay at the main center area, they wudn't mind.

Not long after that, the fire engine arrived!!! Few abang bomba beruniform masuk & do their job I guess. By then, hujan pun dah reda we headed back to our car.. Err, correction DH took an umbrella from the car and fetch me at the main entrance then we walked to the car together. Ain't he the sweetest? :D Boleh tahan jugak dia kebasahan to ensure that his beloved wifey tak basah. What I did in return? Hehehe, I protect his Onion Ring from air hujan!!! ahhahah... He can't drive to main entrance coz the fire engine blocking the way + jam la pulak kat situ. That's why he came back with an umbrella to fetch me. Wise decision I must say, at least we can use back road to get out from there rather than stuck in the jam.

From there we went to Hooters for our late lunch... Hoot Hoot!!! Sambil makan sambil cuci mata... I refuse 2 elaborate more.. Eating at hooters, of course there are plenty of boobs, cleavage, butt cheeks & legs!!! :P

yes, they wore this.. =P~

Friday, May 22

Colostomy Reversal Surgery

Assalamualaikum & Good Day to all,

It all started a year back, when Papa always complaining sebu perut, perut masuk angin, berak x lawas and etc etc. But last 2 months (mid March) he was admitted due to Intestinal Obstruction. The blockage caused by a benign (alhamdulillah not cancerous) which reside at his intestine. Docs did an emergency surgery - removing the benign and since the ends can't be reconnected untill full recovery, docs opt for Colostomy.

Cartoonize picx to protect viewers from vomiting

Alhamdulillah after 2 months berak dalam plastic (special plastic for colostomy, not any plastic okehhh), doc confirmed that he's ready for Colostomy Reversal Surgery. Today 21st May @ 3pm, my father just came out from OT (more than 6 hours surgery + 2 hours observation) for a Colostomy Reversal Surgery. Please pray / doakan his recovery and well being. Alhamdulilah he is now stabilize & out from Surgery Observation Ward (Red Zone) but my sister informed me that he is in so much PAIN compared to the previous surgery. It is very heartbreaking when I heard this, knowing that I can't be beside him during this critical time. 'Anak Papa' is thousand miles away. Yes~ I am daddy's little girl, my other two sis are 'Anak Mama'.

Sedehhhhhhnyerrrrr :(

Thursday, May 21

Because I'm a Girl

Lovely peeps, enjoy watching this vclip~. As for me I cried *nanges* after watching it for the first time. Hurmmmm, I'm not hopeless romantic type of girl but this video is very touching *sob sob*. This vclip remain to be one of my favorite vclip for the past 6 years or so. Perempuan dalam vclip ini adalah sangat comel. Aummm~

Wednesday, May 20

David or Richie?

This conversation happened between yours truly & dear hubby less than 24 hours ago. One of our miscommunication moment and we can see how differ our thinking process is!!

DH: Eh, Nicol David kat sini la skarang
Me: Sini?
DH: Dia kat Dallas now
Me: Buat apa?
DH: Duh~ Buat apa lagi, main squash la
Me: Bukan dia pregnant ke?
DH: Nicol David la!!!!
Me: Ouh, hehehe ingat Nicole Richie
DH: *silence* *buat muka x puas hati*

Abeslaaaa, urs tuly kene cop bimbo pasnih... He's talking bout Sports, but I'm thinking bout Hollywood / Entertainment.

Tuesday, May 19

Veggie Lasagna

Went for groceries shopping and my main agenda is to find 'no cook pasta' that looks like papan plywood so that I can try cook my first ever lasagna. The best part - it is low in calorie. No lean meat involved, for the recipe please click here.

My first ever Veggie Lasagna :)

I let it be in oven 5 minutes longer than the original recipe, so a bit hangus but doesn't taste like hangus at all *huh!! nasib baik*. The recipe is for 12 servings but I cut the recipe half & make it for 6 servings. The portion is just nice for my 1.5 Quart Pyrex bakeware. Good news is - my Lasagna taste superb sampai licin both of us wallop everything. Bad news is for 2 people we ate 6 servings. So basically, there is no point cooking Low Calorie food if end up u eat bigger portion. Anyway it is much much much better compared to eating bigger portion of fatty food!!


Plywood - No Boiling Required katanya....

I think I saw at Pyrex/Corelle/Corningware shop, there is a smaller size bakeware.. maybe half of 1.5 Quart. Gonna check it out later, at least I can cook lesser hence eat lesser?? he he.. I owned 3 Quarts one so shudn't be any problem to cook 12 servings Lasagna *hi potluck party*.

Monday, May 18

Not in the Mood

I'm not down with fever or flu.. I'm ok yet I'm not feeling very well, hence I am sooooo not in the mood. So, please approach with care... I am vulnerable, I easily snap to others, I bite!! I cry, I eat, I throw pillow, I sleeppppp (-_-)

Reason being...

mata x nampak bengkak sangat dalam gambar nih

  1. Saket mata - ketumbit kot.. mata belah kanan, not that bad just annoying.. So, bila saket mata, tade mood nak klua jalan2, plan konon nak gi tengok movie back2back tapi skarang ni nak kelip mata pun rasa sesuatu, x bes!
  2. Kaki kanan terseliuh - buku lali pun macam dah tader, purple circle tuh kawasan yang swelling a bit.. can walk properly but can't jog.. tergelincir kat dalam bath tub.. huhu :(
  3. Betis kiri lebam - terlanggar bucu katil.. tak saket unless kalau kene tekan.. kaki nampak buruk sebab kaler purplish / yellowish.. so bila kaki buruk, sendiri rasa tak seronot

Thursday, May 14

Low Fat / Low Calorie Vanilla Cuppies

gambar hiasan, taken from google images

Today, I discover a new cooking show called "Cook Yourself Thin" at Lifetime Channel. It is based on a book with the same title written by 3 skinny chefs. I'm going 2 try out other recipes featured in the show - some of them really caught my eyes like Crispy Chicken Tenders, Beef Steak & Veggie Lasagna.

However, I need somebody to try out this recipe... I dun hav enuff equipment to do it here. If I'm at my Kota Damansara home, I'll definitely try this out first. No butter used..wah!!! Any volunteer? Zal? Sasa? Anyone? *tak berani suh Jesz, takut jadi bridezilla"

Cuppies Ingredient:
  1. 1 1/2 cup Self raising flour
  2. 1/2 cup Chopped Almond
  3. 2 Eggs
  4. 3/4 cup Castor Sugar
  5. 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  6. 1 1/2 cup grated Zucchini (can be replace with cucumber / timun jepun)
  7. 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Essence

How to?

  1. Whisk together item 1 and 2, put aside
  2. In different bowl beat item 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 with mixer
  3. Then mix together the two mixture & put in those cute cup
  4. Bake 'em for 30mins at 350F / 177C

Ingredient for frosting (this is fat free frosting, awesome!)

  1. 3 White Eggs
  2. Pinch of Salt
  3. 1 cup Icing Sugar
  4. 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
  5. 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar (to stabilize the mixture - can be replace with 1/2 grated zest of lemon aka 1/2 biji lemon punya kulit)

How to?

  1. Beat everything together until fluffy
  2. Then put everything in piping plastic or any plastic :P

P/s - keep me posted bout the end result of this recipe

Wednesday, May 13

I'm a Loser

The phrase "I'm a loser" or "U r a loser",in many ways depict negativity... But when such phrase is said in a gym, it means totally different. YES!!! For the month of April, I was top 5 in TOP LOSER CLUB.. yay me! I'm a top loser!! Hahaha..for the first time I didn't get mad when people say I'm a loser. I didn't lost much actually - 2 pounds of my weight (1kg je), 0.3% of body fat & 3.5 inches of my body measurement. The first winner lost about 15 inches ok, but the system calculate based on your body ratio. Meaning if I'm obese @ gemok giler but lost 3.5 inches, I won't make it in TOP LOSER CLUB.

Top Loser Club Board.. Can u spot my name?

Ok, I know u can't... So I took closer picture

The white ribbon at the end of your star means how many inches u have lost, have a look at 3rd place winner... panjang seih ribbon dia, longer than 1st & 2nd winner. So, she must be very obese.. lost quite a lot but won 3rd place only. See my ribbon, pendek jer...ahahhaha.. Still, I am very proud of myself.. hnf hnf hnf

Felt a bit regret (read = a bit) coz I indulged myself with lotsa stuff last weekend, ate like there is no tommorrow... Nasi + lauk pauk, donut lagi, ice cream lagi - wooh, it's been a month since I have a date with my beloved ice cream (i miss u).One thing for sure, I have no regret eating heavenly moist & yummy cheesecake by Cheesecake Factory. U can see my hand holding a teaspoon (ditch guna fork) ready to 'terjah' the cake.. ekekek.. Super dupper yummy *ayaq liuq menjejeh* =P~

My super delicious White Choc Macademia & Caramel Cheesecake

Insaf.. kene insaf, nak kurus macam taylor swift... nak kurus macam taylor swift.. *pose pegi gym* *pose jog* have to burn all those fatty fat back.. need to be slim like taylor swift. *pose minum air kosong*

Tuesday, May 12

Wolverine vs Deadpool

Wolverine or Deadpool?

The main question for me is Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds? My answer will definitely be RYAN REYNOLDS!! I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine last Friday without knowing that Ryan Reynolds is one of the cast. But when I saw the list of casting earlier in the movie and Ryan's name is there, of coz I am extra happy. Double dose for me - I like Ryan, another thing I am a big fan of 'cerita mengarut', example X-men, Fantastic 4, Harry Potter.. u know what I mean? - those movie plot which will not happen in real world.

How can u resist a man, looking like this??

Oh kamonnn, just look at Ryan's picx above.. Self explanatory, he's handsome, he's macho yet cute, superb biceps & triceps *tangan kekar katanya* and I can't resist his puppy eyes *drool*. Well maybe u can't catch lotsa of his puppy eyes bcoz this is an action movie but u can catch lotsa of it in his new upcoming movie The Proposal besides Sandra Bullock *can't wait*. This movie will be premiere on June 19th. By the way, I like Sandra Bullock too :)

Deadpool now known as Weapon 11 (weapon xi)

He's not a villain initially, but the real villain Colonel William Stryker had a team to genetically altered Deadpool to become Weapon XI - and controlled his behavior. Stryker also requested the team to sew up Deadpool's mouth becoz he hates Deadpool's wisecracking *jahat siut, jahit mulut orang*. Altho Ryan's now is ugly but u still can see his puppy eyes - refer top right picx.. Hayo, tenung lama2 jadi takut, bleh tahan buruk. The plus points when he became a weapon xi are, he's topless and he wears only scrub lookalike pants in maroon color...akakaka

Overall, I like this movie.. I dun mind watching it again.. :)

Monday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day

10th May 2009 - no mother's day sale...ahahaha.. memorial day maybe ada sale *hoping n wishing* almost sewel coz 24/7 duk shopping je.. nevertheless still klua/masuk burberry to see if my favorite purse is there but nope, not there -I've been eyeing it for the past one year.. I remembered *drooling over this particular long wallet @ check purse* at Burberry, Pavi KL.. sampei la ni duk ayaq liuq menjejeh =P~

The hope is definitely still there.. maybe Sasa or DaL can buy it for me at Burberry Outlet, London? Pelis pelis pweeetttyyyy pelisss... eh... off topic, if talking bout by wishlist it will never end.. nafsu shopping macam nafsu kuda ok!!!

Anyway, I want to wish all the mother & mother-2-b out there.. Happy Mother's Day and enjoy urself.. Below is my beloved Mama's picx.. Sabotaj ok letak gambar tengah nganga nak makan.... Ekekeke.... ITA SAYANG MAMA, MUAHSSS MUAHSSS.. Anyway, I like this picx bcoz it is a bit blur n the food looks like moving bcoz of the blurness..Chihihi :)

Puan Zainah, my beloved Mama... :)

I always hope that I got my mum's genetic coz she looks younger than her age. She's aged beautifully and still got smokin' body - ideal weight for her height.. Bit pressure when she says.. Ita, naper gemok sangat nihhhh??? haih~ need to be slim! need to be slim! need to be slim like Taylor Swift!!

Friday, May 8

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery / Revamp status: done!!

It has been 2 days since I started messing with the layout of this blog L2R / R2L, changing background, changing font color and puting all those crap gadgets at the sidebar. End up, I still like my old layout and it's font color.. Being silly me, I forgot to save my old setting before messing with it.. Luckily I have lotsa spare time to do it all over again.. *yer, saya sangat free*

From my POV, my font color only match with green background so there I am choosing almost the similar look like before... but it is my blog,so up to me la kan? hehehe.. I've tried white background.. not liking it, bah~

Bout the side gadget.. ahahha.. banyak hokehhhh haku add! Gila kuasa tauuu... ticker letak, live traffic letak, visitor letak, follower letak, apa lagi? clock lagi, not forgotten chatbox.. archive, labels... & I change the normal bloglink into blogroll - bagi panjang sket... Reason being............

I DONT LIKE THE SIDEBAR 2 B EMPTY... Kalau panjang sampai bawah lagi bagus.. Altho most of the gadget bukan guna pun, hiasan jer.. contoh jam, another contoh site meter tuh.. I can get the same outcome thru nuffnang, tapi tetap nak letak jugak kan? Any other idea to be put at the sidebar, anyone?? Ouh, btw I dun like music at my blog altho I dun mind hearing music at other blogs.. Sumtimes just melangok kat blog seseorang just for the sake of hearing the song..ekekke

I'm done doing facelift 2 this blog I guess :)

Virgin Mojito

Alert : NO Rum or other alcoholic beverages involved while preparing this cocktail.. That's the main reason it is called 'Virgin' Mojito *wink wink*. This cocktail is halal lagi suci dan murni. Anyone interested to have this recipe, email me or leave a comment.

End Result of Virgin Mojito :)~

Actually, I was browsing internet while chatting & at the same time thinking what to cook for dinner, when Emmet menyerah diri... Ha ha, another mangsa to help me think... Luckily for me, he is the type who loves to cook. Well, I have to say.. I do find men who loves to cook is very very super duper sexy *drooling* - exception to chef wan, chef ismail.. Very manly yet attached to their sensitive/feminin side.. or maybe man who cooks just plainly lapar & malas klua?? hmmmm... I felt a lil bit 'vibe' thingy when I watched Bobby Flay or Michael Simon yang botak on Iron Chef America.. he he.. Even when I saw DH cooks Sunday breakfast for me, I was like "wow, sexy nyerrrr.. " altho he's cooking patty burger (daging burger ramly tu la) + scramble egg.. His scramble egg is much better compared to mine tau..

Iron Chef America (L2R) -Mario Batali, Michael Simon (cute~), Masaharu Morimoto, Cat Cora (love her!!) & Bobby Flay

Anyway, having Emmet helping me is a plus point.. At first we settled with chicken soup + cucumber + etc etc.. a very malaysian dish i have to say, when he also teach me to do virgin mojito.. After rethinking, the cocktail doesnt compliment the dish at all - pertembungan timur & barat katanya... So we agreed to do western entree as well. Voila~

Meal accompanying the cocktail - Grilled Tilapia

Thursday, May 7

Penne Aglio Olio

anyone wud like to try?

I've tasted it - besttttt ok *angkat bakul sendiri*. Credit to Zal for her effort typing the recipe thru YM.. or is it copy & paste? I can google the recipe actually, but I'm not sure whether the end result is sedap.. Like what happened to my twisted Kung Pao Beef. Since I'm online looking for the recipe at 5.30am, 6.30pm Malaysia time and Zal's YM warna koneng senyum jer so kene attack la. This is how our conversation look like, early stage...

Me: U ols tau masak spegeti olio x?
Me: By mean tau = sedap ---> demand ok, chihihi
Zal: Mak ada masak olio, n by my stended sedap la (surang lagi angkat bakul sendiri)
Zal: X tau la kalau u ols rasa x sedap (merendah diri balik)

The rest of the conversation, Luv Lula giving me list of ingredients n how to cook it. As usual, not all ingredient is available at my modest kitchen, still have to improvise bit here n there..

Chilli flakes - I replace it with Cili Kering gunting kecik2 (gigih ok)
Oregano - dun hav it, but I hav Thyme, Rosemary & Marjoram (blasah letak semua)

So there I am, 5.30 in the morning.. doing prep for olio. Took out sosej n shrimp to be part of it - reason being they defrost easily compared to chicken or meat.. he he.. By the way this Olio is for breakfast aka bekal untuk suami bawak ofis.. tsk tsk... Isteri mithali x? *angkat bakul again*

Demn, it is much easier to cook olio compared to carbonara or bolognese ok... This recipe definitely will go under my 'lazy day recipe'. I just know that Aglio is Garlic & Olio is Oil in italian... To be frank, this is my 2nd attemp cooking olio, the first attemp was at Sasa's pad a year back. Both of us *feeling* *berangan* after watching Nigella Lawson show.. Result = the sphagetti sedap but definitely not Aglio Olio.. sort off jadi macam Sphagetti goreng, sket lagi boleh masuk category Mee Goreng Mamak. :P

Tuesday, May 5

Kung Pao Beef

Kung Pao Beef :)

My first attempt to cook Kung Pao Beef - look wise ok, taste wise not sure... hubby still at office, will wait him for late lunch together. If u ask me, definitely I will said that I cooked like Jamie Oliver (angkat bakul sendiri katanya). Hopefully I will get thumbs up from hubby, despite lack of ingredients. I googled the recipe by the way, chihihihi.

Cashewnut or Peanut - I replace it with Almond
Szechuan Peppercorn - I replace it with Black Pepper
Chinese Rice Wine/Dry Sherry - apa tu? what 2 replace with? skip...
Dried Red Chilli - I replace it with Cili Padi (pedas ok!)

***updated entry***

the judge have spoken
look wise = 4 star
taste wise = 4 star... woohoooooo :)
komen tambahan judge = sedap la tapi tader rasa kung pao pun..
komen sendiri = pedas gila weihhhh!! *minum susu*

hmm... guess i've created new dish after all.. ekekekek

Saturday, May 2

Happy 3rd Birthday, Alif!!

alif's cheeky smile - picx with tok & maktok

1st May - for some people is just a Labor Day aka another Public Holiday. As for our family, it is Alif's birthday + holiday + birthday party... triple celebration! It is very convinient to organize birthday party when your birthday falls on public holiday... hahaha... that is what Ana (alif's mama) told me once.

Sorry, Uncle Farris & Aunty Tai couldn't be there and join the party.. Wishing all of u, specially bebudak & bapak budak (ita tau, abg sham yg paling eksaited) have a blast one, enjoy urself! Makan kek ingat kat ita yang sebuk berdiet nih.. hehehe

Missing u.. I love u Papa n Mama.. Ayong, Abg Sham, Ana, Alif, Harris, Haziq.. muaxx muaxx.

Hmmm.... Ayong >> Ita tau Alif n Harris ingat kat Ita.. Tp Haziq ingat x kat ita? Hopefully dia ingat kat Aunty Tai dia (yes, it is TAI not ITA - thanks to Harris yang pelat masa kecik).

Lastly, to everybody out there - Happy Labor Day.. except people working following US n Japan holiday, they have different day celebrating Labor Day. I know this becoz once I have to work during Labor Day settling/funding USD againts JPY forex - yikess..not liking it, coz all alone in office *creepy*.

Friday, May 1

Swine Flu *panic*

ALERT!! First US swine flu death reported yesterday, and we are so "lucky" that it is in Houston. Click here and here to find out more. Sungguh babi selesema ini~ *oink oink*

Weekend plan - canx! Will buy face mask later.. Try avoid crowd places, such as Galleria area, shopping malls, recreational centers.. Keep healthy & hygenic lifestyle. Be calm & don't panic.

So, lovely people out there - please pray for our safety here.. Urs truly, Hubby, Apau, Azie (ehem ehem) & a Malaysian family yang tinggal dekat dengan I10 tuh..

/me hidup dalam ketakutan..