Wednesday, April 22

USS Lexington

USS Lex CV-16 as a museum

USS Lex CV-16 during war 1945 at Tokyo bay (black & white tuh)

After having breakkie and snappy session around the fisihing house.. off we go to USS Lexington - an aircraft carrier ship during WW2 turned museum now after retired. Earlier we watched Pearl Harbor film during breakkie which were filmed there doesn't help at all. The thought that maybe i'll stumble upon handsome pilot like Ben Affleck or Josh Harnett... roar~ Maybe I can meet with cute Sailor (abang Navy) like Cuba Gooding Jr pun okkkayyy sangat dah! *daydreaming mode*

perkahwinan 2 darjat nih - Captain dengan Sailor tader pangkat
takut hubby emo tengok entry kali nih
I lev u sayang!! U r my beloved abang navy~

Sadly, there is no sight of any navy or at least orang yang berlakon pakai baju navy pun.. Abang pengakap buat rombongan cik kiah dengan bebudak pengakap banyak la... So, tak koserrrr tangkap gambar dengan diorang... Being me, daydreaming a lot.. A bit hampa no abang navy, so end up taking picture with Abang Navy mannequin version & to reduce kehampaan taking picx with "NAVY" word at one of the aircraft. Boleh la~~

Abang Navy plastic.. hnf hnf hins

angin sangat kuat yer.. mata masuk habuk

Ouh, the ship bau busuk tau.. But hubby said that is the normal smell in the ship or pelantar minyak offshore.. He said that most probably, the smells coming from the material used.. (steel i guess?) How shud i know, never been to a pelantar minyak before. The nearest I've been pun in Cruiseship Superstar Gemini, definitely very lavish ala2 titanic.

*still day dreaming* operating a non-functional cannon

Thought we were going to be in there for 2 hours max, end up almost 4 hours - parking paid for 2 hours only, luckily didnt get any ticket *phewww*... From the outside, Lex looks small, rupernyer besar nak M, penat gilaaaaaaaaaa.. with all the small steep stairs + rooms.. come to think of it, of course Lex is demn big, an aircraft can take off n landing on it!!

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