Friday, May 1

Swine Flu *panic*

ALERT!! First US swine flu death reported yesterday, and we are so "lucky" that it is in Houston. Click here and here to find out more. Sungguh babi selesema ini~ *oink oink*

Weekend plan - canx! Will buy face mask later.. Try avoid crowd places, such as Galleria area, shopping malls, recreational centers.. Keep healthy & hygenic lifestyle. Be calm & don't panic.

So, lovely people out there - please pray for our safety here.. Urs truly, Hubby, Apau, Azie (ehem ehem) & a Malaysian family yang tinggal dekat dengan I10 tuh..

/me hidup dalam ketakutan..


  1. kelirulah. i've always though ur other fren apau as our apau@my baby. chihih. take care dear!

  2. ada 2 org kawan nama apau :D
    kalau communicate dgn farris codeword apau saya n apau awak utk determine which apau!