Friday, April 24

Shea Butter Battle :(

Urs truly just came back from Shopping Mall today.. buying few stuff for friends & a bit stuff for me as well.. was in good mood (very good mood indeed.. heheh) until i was stopped by a kiosk salesperson, u know those kiosk in the middle lane in between proper built shop?

I don't usually stop to look, unless I'm interested.. but anyhow he manage to stop me by a trick (keji~). He hand me a small green rectangle stuff candy lookalike, i was.. huh? what is this? then he answered it is a soap.. then of course by nature i will stop to smell - now coz i'm stopping, i'm trapped..huhu

He was selling dead sea salt scrub + soap + lotion.. all those body care stuff range. Now, I'm trapped.. I can't walk away coz he started to hold my palm n scrubbing it with the sea salt, then still can't get away coz i need to wash my hand.. then still can't get away coz i need napkin/tissue to wipe my wet hand.. then... another thing lead to another thing...

I'm still ok with it, untill he wanted to put hand lotion to my hand while promoting the product bla bla bla... with shea butter... bla bla bla... HEH? STOP? SHEA BUTTER? Then politely, I said I dont like shea butter's smell.. and I said I'm not interested with any product with shea butter. Then I refused to test the product, but u know what? He held my right arm and insisted me to try the lotion.. WTH? One thing, I dont like to be arm held by strangers, second, I dont like product with shea butter. So why on earth he still force me to do what I dont want to do? Idiot @#$%^&*!


Luckily I managed to get away from the kiosk after that coz i saw the body lotion includes tea tree oil.. God knows if I have to try another product that I dont like... Chihihi..

Tea tree oil - another item in cosmetics which i hate... not for the smells tho, just bcoz it will make my skin peel like nobody's business!!

Benzoyl Peroxide - hate it! coz it irritates my skin :(


  1. yeyeyeye tak sabar nak dengar update pasal hasil kiriman~

  2. where is the shopping mall, i like to see that guy