Thursday, April 23

Sandfest - Mustang Island

On the way to Mustang Island by ferry
At side mirror - sight of Port Aransas, we are leaving.. bye~

We are lucky because the same weekend we went here, there is Sandfest 2009 happening.. The rest almost the same sight, carnival, shops.. etc like normal festival have. The 2 major differences are lotsa of gals in bikini / bathing suit & sand castle competition.

Not a sand castle, this is sand sculpture (mermaid & merman)

Not a sand castle either, this is very big sandhill with carving

These are sandcastle.. I like!!

I also bought my 2nd kite at one of the carnival shop *hati berbunga-bunga dpt new kite*. The day before that hubby bought me a kite as well after me singing to him *nak main layang2.. nak main layang2 sampai 88 kali*. Let me just say that, my first kite koyak & lidi patah after serial of attempts to let it fly in the air.

Success!!! :) After maybe like 106th cubaan

The day before that.. this is maybe like my 23rd attemps
I remembered saying this to my hubby...
" Dont give up on me, Dont give up on the kite"
Punya la gigih nak main layang-layang
I shud be getting extra credit for my determination, no?

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