Friday, April 17

Postcard for me?

Checked my mailbox just now.. guess what?? i rcvd 2 postcards from... myself. Ampes sungguh, last 2 days went to USPS to send postcard for ayong & ana (old school kan.. kirim postcard). One thing for sure, I know Ana will appreciate receiving postcard from me.. As for Ayong awal2 dah kene kutuk... "apa barang hantar poskad, gila kuno.. call guna YM or gtalk jer la" and i reply to her "webcam ita kalau on, nampak dahi jer.. kalau nampak seluruh muka, ita pulak x nampak kibod n screen"

Went to USPS office, ask them what happened.. then dia gelak2 coz it seems that I'm using different format as what they usually use. This is the format that i use...

So, the USPS people (postman or orang yg sort the mail) will always send the letter/postcard/package using the bottom address altho I wrote my address sangatlah keciknyer. Regardless I ada tulis To & From okay.... As for me, how shud i noe.. I use this format all this while, Pos Malaysia x penah complain pun.. elok jer sampai. So the USPS staff scrap my address using black marker pen and resend it. Nasib baik x kene bayar postage lagi skali.
Lesson learnt! :P


  1. giler clumsy org US ni....... dah terang terang tulis TO rather FROM........mangkuk btul they all...........

  2. itu la.. dah tulis TO & FROM, then my address sgt la kecik.. sanggup dia baca address yg sekecik tidak tuh