Friday, April 10

Notes @ Windows Sidebar

At my laptop i have this "Notes" application at my windows sidebar. Basically it is similar like post-it-notes just that it is not sticky bcoz it is virtual. What i wrote there?? He he *blush* mainly things to do, things to buy or my wishlist (wishlist for me to fulfill by myself by going shopping it is!!).

Currently the first page of the notes is my wishlist. There are 4 items which are:

1) HL --> coming soon at my doorstep - status, half fulfill
2) F21 --> tops from forever21 dat i'm eyeing - status, no progress
3) henbeg hitam --> status, change my mind to have a b&w henbeg
4) henbeg putih --> n/a, let the new search of b&w begin..

Then just now, when i started melangok in front of my laptop i realize, there is new item.. heh? mana datang nih

5) wtf??

SEBUK JER, tader keje lain la tuh!! yes, my hubby harrased my notes.. hmmph~

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