Wednesday, April 15

Nice Jogging Trail

Remember my first entry when i said i found new place to jog.. a cool place to be exact. Well, yesterday urs truly went jogging & snap a bit picx here n there. First and foremost, it is not a jogging track.. it is a jogging trail.. Since i'm not that good describing a place/view/scenery.. let the picx do the hard work.

the place :)

the entrance

trail in between pine trees *feeling mild seven advertisement*

flowers along the jogging trail.. lovely!

my fav spot of all.. cantik x? kene cakap cantik gak *this is a threat*


  1. *pose2 berangan sedang berjogging di situ kemudian berkenalan dengan mamat hensem* - daydreaming~

  2. tak takut ke lari kat situ sensorang?

  3. x penah jog sensurang yer.. takut kene seret dlm hutan.. always jog dgn cikki.. 2-2 tgh semangat nak kurus nieh.. wish us luck