Saturday, April 18

Minggu Kobis Sedunia

Merasa~ letak gambar kobis... suka ati la kan.. Vegetable choices here are very limited, errrrr let me rephrase the sentence.. Vegetable "dat i know how to cook" here are very limited, contoh sayur that i have no idea to cook, red raddish. Baru terperasan i've cooked cabbage for 4 days in a row for lunch.

  • Monday, kobis goreng with oyster sauce.. letak udang sket
  • Tuesday, kuah lemak kobis (kuah kaler putih tu)
  • Wednesday, sup sayur (ada kobis gak, altho banyak sayur lain)
  • Thursday, kobis goreng dengan ikan bilis
Today is Friday, kobis dah kene banned by me of course.. Kesian kat hubby makan kobis everyday, tapi dia x complain pun.. Lepas dia baca blog nih, entah2 baru dia sedar.. So sayang, today's menu is Spaghetti Bolognese.. Spaghetti or Penne? I prefer Penne, he prefer Spaghetti. One thing for sure, vege that i'll use are carrot, mushroom, celery & tomato.. No cabbage!

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