Tuesday, April 7

Mexican Flava~

I'm under pressure.. he he.. Sabar jer la.. blog baru bukak 2 hari, Eefei cayunks dah start tanya, bila nak update?? I will update time to time k.. I promise (heh, promise ker) so no pressure eh?

The other day, hubby and I went to Mamasito's to try out Mexican cuisine. This restaurant is recommended by one of the makcik2 at the health centre. We went there, well nice decor, nice lighting (kinda dim & romantic), attentive waitress only one problem the food is crappy!! Well, not crappy bcoz there are so many people dine there only that Mexican dish is totally not my cup of tea.

This is the appetizer, tricolor chips with dips . No idea what sauce is that, but rasa mcm sambal lada without the belacan. One sambal is red in color and another sambal is green. The green one is added with mint i think bcoz it tastes a bit minty. The tricolor (green, white & red) resembles Mexico flag actually. Rasa >> u cant go wrong with chips!! Common la weih

I ordered shrimp enchiladas. Looks yummy kan? Looks can be deceiving tau. From top *hi deja* to bottom *hi nasriq*, refried bean, shrimp enchiladas with avocado cream sauce & rice pilaf. Avocado?! *hi sasa*. The enchiladas & rice are fine... but refried bean, apakah itu?? kacang yg telah digoreng semula tp kenapa tader ruper goreng, mcm dah jadi bubur jer.. or maybe refried bean then letak dlm periuk & stew it? Whatever it is, the refried bean sux big time!

Hubby quite reluctant to order food with foreign food name (which resulted not understanding what have been ordered like me) so he ordered Shrimp Fajitas. Nevertheless, a good choice coz his food is much better compared to mine *jeles*. So no need to elaborate more, tortillas, grilled shrimp & salad, rice pilaf & benda dlm mangkuk tu tatau apa. But no worries, no weird things such as bacon or nonhalal chicken or nonhalal meat, all vege and seafood :)

As for drinks, mine strawberry lemonade, his = coke.

We left the restaurant with full tummy but not satisfied (me only) *pose masih x puas hati dengan refried bean tuh*.

P/s - Sorie for the blur picx, camera phone top up with dim lighting.. what do u expect? duh~


  1. lain mcm betul aku tgk makanan yg ko order tu...

  2. eh dah ada blog ke skang? mesti ko bosan kat kat houston tu? ehhehe

  3. boleh tahan la busan n byk masa terluang