Sunday, April 26

Lazy Saturday

It's raining here on and off, scrap the shopping 8tvt coz the Outlet Mall is outdoor.. I dont want to get wet & definitely I like to shop in calm environment not wet environment. To conclude, no 8tvt for today.. just berkulat at home. Hubby's 8tvts are alternating between tv-sleep-chatting-internet browsing, as for me MDG2 (Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2) means in front of laptop the whole day... Matching with the title la - Lazy Saturday!

What is MDG2? It is ANTM Malaysian version.. I religously watch ANTM almost every cycle, but I'm getting sick of it, so MDG2 is a twist of it, twist in terms of contestants are Malaysian Gals of course, not mat salleh.. Yes, they do lingerie photoshoot.. No, they dont do naked photoshoot (this is to Faizad). There are lotsa Manglish, not English.. Ahh, what the heck, I'm Malaysian living in States, definitely I miss Manglish (pelik kan?)

Whilst watching them, ahhhh I'm so jealous *envy*. They have great bods, some are skinny b*tch which I dont like, but some really have curves yet slim! *semangat tetibe* So, I get my ass up & ready for a jog..Anyway coz it's mendung only, the rain have finally stopped. Came back from jog, I have nothing else to do.. Write this entry & calculating calories burned (tetibe obsessed). I've googled and found this activity calculator.

Warm up - 10 minutes of walking 3.5 mph, calories burned 42
Activity - 20 minutes of jogging (general), calories burned 156
Cool down - 10 minutes of walking 3.5 mph, calories burned 42

TOTAL = 240 calories burned

The figure 240, is it considered good workout or not?
No idea, help.. anyone?


  1. Try :D
    240 calorie = KFC Potato Wedges~

  2. alahai sedehnyer, eksesais 40 menet equivalent dgn kfc wedges jer.. kene giatkan eksesais then