Sunday, April 5

In remembrance of the dead?

Okay, first of all.. I would like to apologize for closing my old blog.. This post is for remembrance of cumicikkie.blogspot.. hahaha, perlu ker? To be truth, I totally abandoned it so that's the main reason why i closed it (tapi bukan ramai org baca pun, stakat korang2 geng febeles jer kan). Credit to be given to Eefei cayunks coz she's the one who created it and only ask me to post, and if i'm not mistaken beside me there are 2 other contributors which are Zal & Eefei herself who never contibute anyway coz they have their own blog to update...

Now lemme tell about the rebranding of my blog... This is more mature blog compared to cumicikkie (ya rite? boleh caya ke? ehek ehek). Hmmm... basically i open this blog coz i am sooo far away from my family n frensss.. Am missing them sooo much, so few of them (u know who u r) who insist me open a blog so that i can share what i'm doing, post picx, gossip and etc etc seperti melahakan mak...eks!!

Long story short, the URL stating as fabxing.blogspot...
As in fab xing = fabulous crossing
Where did i get the idea? Let the picture below explain.. la la la~

The first picx Ped Xing is a shortform for Pedestrian Crossing - always saw this sign at shopping mall parking lot, to ensure kereta2 bagi laluan kat pejalan2 kaki katanya~

The later picx, self explanatory la kan?? I never saw this sign before but today i went jogging at this cool jogging trail n saw this sign.. boleh tahan la gelak2... but seriously i didnt see any duck there...

I have this habit of giving expired bread to ducks, geese or seagulls and sometimes pelican.. I always went to a lake at Nassau bay and there are lotsa of them here and derang nih memang tersangat la suka lepak tgh jalan sampai kereta2 kene tunggu more than 10 minutes sampai derang blah! Funny things is, no duckxing sign there. ducks --> got sign duckxing
Lots of ducks --> no sign at all

Whateva la....
Ouh during my jog session today.. I meet Jack the Tabby cat.. misai sgt pjg n cantik POUNCE! :D


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  2. eh eh blog sapa ni? tetiba plak terasa fabulous bila mai sini... kimora sgt uolz.... ai suka! suka! suka! (dgn harapan dibeli QAF season 1-5)


  3. u ol..welcome~ (ttibe)
    hrp2 blog ini xkn ditutup.. :D