Saturday, April 11


I'm going shopping tommorrow... Yeay yEaY YeAy =)
Well frankly speaking... almost every weekend i went shopping as well, but this particular hobby will always makes me excited and happy... no matter how, no mater what..period. Gonna sleep early so that can wake up early, and melangok at the outlet mall longer... nge nge nge :D

Oh, going to have breakfast at IHOP... (excited again) *wink wink*
I heart the Garden Omelette there... The scrambled egg beaten to perfection (fluffy) added with mushroom, cheese, tomatoes & green onions. The best part, it come with 2 slices of pancakes *drooling*. Hmm...pancake or waffle eh?? It is a pancake but buttery taste like waffle. I like my pancake with butter + butterpecan syrup! There are few type of syrup u can choose from. I have tried only 2 tho, original and butterpecan.. since then, no turning back.. I only want the butterpecan! It is a big breakkie actually, so we always share it together. Save huh? One breakkie shared between me n hubby.

This is like my ideal breakkie combine with my favorite supper. I'm pretty sure Sasa & Acai remember that I always wanted to go to 24 hours A&W at PJ oldtown to eat ice cream waffle there. Penah terserempak dgn Aznil Nawawi lagi, kelllless tau.. awet muda tau dia.. eh dah melalut

So, toddles... great start for a weekend... fav 8tvt & fav breakkie...

P/s - Encik Farris (merasa~ bg nama sebenar) baca the previous post then dia geram, then dia kaco my Windows Sidebar lagi.. this time he changed the calendar.. apahal la calendar dah jadi 23rd April neih.. hins~


urs truly woke up late today, so no IHOP breakkie for me (padan muka, saper suh bangun lambat kan?) grab Subway tuna sandwich for fast/late brekkie errr brunch tho.. nasib baik sedap... he heh


  1. Knock knock! Wah, tengah pukul 3AM kat TX, mesti u tengah tdo. Taper lah I datang visit u next time.

  2. haven't seen u online for a couple of days. shopping la tuh ek!! have fun!! ;)