Wednesday, April 29

Catch of the week (Part 2 of 2)

Come to think of it, these are the item shopped in a week duration (20/4 til 27/4).. Quite a lot rite? But these are the compilation of both online shopping & offline shopping. This post is not for 'berlagak' purposes, after all perlu ker nak berlagak.. not my stuff anyway.. err, only few are mine, he he (temptation is there ok, not my fault!). Main purpose of this entry, so that my friends who kirim2 barang can have a sneak preview of their items & check/recon whether it is correct item or not. I know they are dying aka excited to received their items.

penat susun nak tangkap gambar

Ok.. here it goes

  1. Yellow Flanders Jersey Bioracer - Tod's
  2. Red Nalini Jersey Glicine Collection - Tod's
  3. Look KeO Cleat Covers - Tod's
  4. Scicon Cordura Saddle Bag - Tod's
  5. Inside GAP bag - Sasa's berthday pressie :)
  6. Old Navy Top in Fuschia - Cik Puan Iz's
  7. Heelarious Lily in Baby Pink - Cik Puan Iz's
  8. MBMJ Faridah Turnlock Hobo in Gray - Datin Yanz's
  9. Nine West Wedge Pumps in Yellow - Lady Anne
  10. Forever 21 black & white Kimono Dress- mine
  11. Forever 21 Black Leggings - mine
  12. F21 Orange Top - mine (Tinie, Dolla ckp cam kain buruk tuh)
  13. Forever 21 Offwhite tank top - mine
  14. Forever 21 White bow headband - mine
  15. Rare Minerals BE Skin Revival Treatment - Eefei DarLing
  16. Rare Minerals BE Nourishing Moisturizer - Eefei DarLing
  17. Rare Minerals BE Renew & Reveal Cleanser - Eefei DarLing
  18. Bare Minerals BE Blusher in Warmth - mine
  19. Sony Cybershot DSC T900 in Bronze Brown - Eefei DarLing
  20. Leathercase LCS CSVA in Brown - Eefei DarLing

Ok, that's all I guess...please check accordingly your items

I only can conclude that my items are mostly clothes.. I never hav enuff baju to wear anyway, complaining no baju to wear and so on... But who doesn't? Normal gals will always say not enuff baju, or not enuff handbag or not enuff makeup... So, I blame it on hormones!


  1. kepada tukang2 order...sume owe us a treat!! hihi

  2. i see my baby's pink heels!! tidak kesabaran mahu menyarung ke kaki bayi kuuu (walaupon dia belum muat) ;p

    thanks dear!

  3. itak, aku pun teringin nak bare minerals tu...brape eh?aku tgk kat sephora dubai (gigih kan..) 1 set foundation is about MYR 300+...minerals is so in. aku seronot shopping smashbox, nars dengan sephora..chihihihi...

  4. pink stits >> mmg sgt cumil kasut itu
    sasa >> ko nak set foundation with brushes (60bux) ke or foundation (25bux) je?