Tuesday, April 28

Hasil Tangkapan (Part 1 of 2)

Need to do reconciliation for all items that I've bought thru online, bought at shop & items received thru shipping/tracking (someone else bought it, but courier it to me).. Okay Part 1 of 2 are from Motherhood Maternity for Ms. Anna Ley.

I'm quite dissapointed with the packaging during delivery by Motherhood Maternity. The gal spent like almost USD500 and when I received the packaging, it was like some sort of pasar malam items.. u know those longgok2 item, some with plastic some without plastic + the wrinkles.. For god sake all of it are not cheap item.. Why on earth Motherhood Maternity can't fold the clothes properly in a plastic.. Hmppphhh!

If all of these are my item, I will be very sad.. One thing she'll expecting, of coz she is excited + excited with clothes she bought for her new changing body.. What whud she feel if the items received at her door step looking like plastic sampah? Yes, the courier just left all the things in front of my door step selonggok like it is sampah u put outside ur apartment door before u go to throw it at the main garbage area. Looking at these, I need to do something.. So I repack it in a box & at the same time doing reconciliation so that Ms. Anna can verify everything :)

before & after

These are all the items.. Please revert once u've checked :)
  • (2) bra wrap - nude, black
  • (5) maternity pantyhose - all nude color
  • (1) footless tights / leggings? - black
  • (3) tummy sleeve - nude, black, white
  • (4) top - 2 white, green, gray
  • (5) tank top - 2 black, purple, gray, white
  • (3) dress - dark blue, black, fuschia/hot pink
  • (6) pants - 2 black, 2 gray, khaki, white

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