Monday, April 20

Happy 18th Birthday, Apau!

Abang Fadzli - single n available kan?

Tribute to Apau aka Mohamad Fadzli bin Jaafar, one of my besfren who celebrated his birthday on 19th April. Studying at Perak for 5 years and having the same birthday as Hari Keputeraan Sultan Perak means only one thing >> Late Birthday partayyyyyy on birthday eve n woke up late the next day & no need to think of going to the lecture coz it is holidayyy!! yeay...

Let me share one incident happened during our final semester at Uni >> Mr Lai's class, Multinational Corporate Finance & International Business. For our course there are 2 options for minoring either Corporate Management or Finance Management. As for our batch 80% took Corporate Management so it left us around 16-18 students in Finance classes which include both of us. Being a rebelious & last minute study type of student we always sat behind of the rest in class (me, apau, mon n apis) & never pay attention to Mr Lai altho Mr Lai nih cute!! =)

So one fine day, Mr Lai did a pop quiz.. yes mengelabah la kami, nasib baik dtg klas.. kalau x lagi haru... Few classes after that, Mr Lai masuk kelas dgn kertas pop quiz in hand. One thing about Mr Lai, he always arrange the test paper / quiz paper from the highest score to the lowest score (this is my 3rd class with Mr Lai).. quite annoying tp after dat mmg boleh kutuk ar..Then, the torturing begin... he call out our name n start giving out the result.. And as expected... urs truly, apau, mon n apis punya marks plg corot.. before handing out our paper Mr Lai siap sound "I smell somebody will fail this subject" referring to 4 of us la...

We headed out the class dengan malunyer.. baeeeek punya kene carut dgn lecturer. Anyhow, we didn't flunk the subject, managed to graduate in time :)

Anyway.. happy 18th birthday apau (18th ke? will always be 18 kan?) Wishing u a wonderful year ahead n tonnes of happiness.