Tuesday, April 14

gendang GENDUT tali kecapi

Kenyang perut suka hati :)

Sunday - Earlier of the day just berkulat at home watch tv and lepaking. There's thunderstorm alert so take cover & park the cars away from the trees. Quite scary, as my balcony is facing this one pokok.. kesian pokok nih, masa angin kencang all the branches like swept away to one side.. the branches must be very flexible coz surprisingly, no branches were broken... Hurrah to the pokok!!

Since i didnt have IHOP's garden omelette on Saturday, i was like menyanyi2 at hubby's ear to eat there, so we went there for dinner around 8.30pm. Err, we did have bowl of porridge + anchovies around 6.30pm u know... dat's y yesterday is like my "hari makan sedunia". Felt really guilty coz i ate like there is no tommorrow... what happened to my own promise to myself to eat healthily, bah!

Doesn't matter morning/noon/night, i still ordered Garden Omelette altho it is more suitable for breakkie. This time i said to hubby, i don't want to share.. i want it all to myself.. yes, tamak haloba sangat.

my fav garden omelette.. the color quite pale rite? but it's ok.. I love it!

So hubby ordered sumthing else which is............. I don't remember bcoz i'm too busy containing my saliva from drooling out & absorbing my excitement. Serve in a basket with lotsa fried prawn, garlic bread and fries. The prawn looks like popcorn, so i wud like to called it Prawn Popcorn!

his prawn popcorn :)


  1. Wah meriahnyer description pasal makanan tu

  2. sedapnye omelette tu *drooling*

  3. abesla diet i.. camaner nak kurus ni :(