Thursday, April 30

From Malaysia with Love

*smiling while writing this entry* :)~

Okies, these are items from Malaysia with Love. A heartfull thanks to Apau who brought all the items from Malaysia to Houston & had to faced full tight inspection at SFO - thanks to wabak selesema oink oink :@). And to his lovely wifey, Tinie who personally asked me anything I want to kirim from Malaysia (how thoughtful is that, rite?) & spending time going to giant/tesco to buy those items.

Dear Hubby (DH) requested for Maggi Mee (ahahaha), Twisties (typical him - missing his dose of twisties for the past 6 months) & Kicap Lemak Manis Cap Kipas Udang BOTOL BESAR - yes, the botol besar is said in such high pitch / louder to indicate *serious, no kidding matter*

The rest are requested by me of course, few of the items derived from what DH likes to eat, want to eat, etc etc... Sup Bunjut Adabi, Sirap F&N, Perencah Ayam Tandoori Maggi, Biji Selasih - the one with Giant packaging beside itu Sirap & Perencah rendang adabi - urs truly have no idea how to cook rendang, have to use instant one.. he he

As usual, being very sweet & thoughtful, Tinie also bought me some extra items which she thinks I might need it. She did the same thing the last batch of kiriman untill I was so ashamed to ask another batch which I requested anyway, hehe *malu*... So there are extra items like rempah ratus, pelbagai perencah, kerisik (see, she think of everything - I only requested perencah rendang but not kerisik, how awesome is that?). She was thinking to bring me belacan as well but they conclude that I might have it already. Seriously, I dont have stok belacan itu di rumah.. wanted to request it but after deliberation with DH, it's terlalu menyusahkan aka nanti busuk luggage orang. So, we keep quite about it.

Thank you guys, we are blessed to have friends like both of u. :)

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