Tuesday, April 21

Fishing House @ Aransas Pass

Arrived at Aransas Pass around 9.30pm on Friday.. Very dark with neibor's dog keep barking at us as if we were a burglar. No idea, what the house look like coz its dark. One thing for sure, I saw the boat under the house. After having difficulties to open / closing the garage + keyed in wrong pin combination, finally managed to enter the house and wow....cantiknyerrr rumah nih.. Rocky & family really have a good fishing house, sadly they were thinking of selling it.

We straight went out after that to Corpus Christi for the sake of viewing the city at nite n stop by at Walmart to buy drinking water, fruits and few other stuff. Then off to sleep.. ZzZz... Woke up, haaaa... baru nampak rumah tuh cemana, nice..... So enjoy~

the fishing house, the boat & our truck

the living room (surround system okay)

the kitchen

the fireplace & the balcony (viewing area)

the master bedroom

basket full of starfish, coral n siput

A lovely trip I can say bcoz it is a beach area - meaning the breeze, the birds (minus the pelican yg buruk kembang tekak), good seafood.. Kinda similar feeling when I lived at Kuantan. Whateva it is, there are few points that need to be clarify here:

  1. We didn't go fishing bcoz we dont know how to fish + no experience at all on fishing matters
  2. Plus we also never ever drive (drive ke?) a boat, so the boat just tersengeh bawah rumah
  3. But we bought the corals, siputs, tapak slemans so dat we have a deco item which look like the picx above.. he he..

Alar, dah sleepy... will continue later


  1. Looks like a great place to relax!


  2. yup, very nice place to spend the weekend..sad part, not able to use the boat..
    please bear the language, it is mix with other language..