Thursday, April 30

From Malaysia with Love

*smiling while writing this entry* :)~

Okies, these are items from Malaysia with Love. A heartfull thanks to Apau who brought all the items from Malaysia to Houston & had to faced full tight inspection at SFO - thanks to wabak selesema oink oink :@). And to his lovely wifey, Tinie who personally asked me anything I want to kirim from Malaysia (how thoughtful is that, rite?) & spending time going to giant/tesco to buy those items.

Dear Hubby (DH) requested for Maggi Mee (ahahaha), Twisties (typical him - missing his dose of twisties for the past 6 months) & Kicap Lemak Manis Cap Kipas Udang BOTOL BESAR - yes, the botol besar is said in such high pitch / louder to indicate *serious, no kidding matter*

The rest are requested by me of course, few of the items derived from what DH likes to eat, want to eat, etc etc... Sup Bunjut Adabi, Sirap F&N, Perencah Ayam Tandoori Maggi, Biji Selasih - the one with Giant packaging beside itu Sirap & Perencah rendang adabi - urs truly have no idea how to cook rendang, have to use instant one.. he he

As usual, being very sweet & thoughtful, Tinie also bought me some extra items which she thinks I might need it. She did the same thing the last batch of kiriman untill I was so ashamed to ask another batch which I requested anyway, hehe *malu*... So there are extra items like rempah ratus, pelbagai perencah, kerisik (see, she think of everything - I only requested perencah rendang but not kerisik, how awesome is that?). She was thinking to bring me belacan as well but they conclude that I might have it already. Seriously, I dont have stok belacan itu di rumah.. wanted to request it but after deliberation with DH, it's terlalu menyusahkan aka nanti busuk luggage orang. So, we keep quite about it.

Thank you guys, we are blessed to have friends like both of u. :)

Wednesday, April 29

Catch of the week (Part 2 of 2)

Come to think of it, these are the item shopped in a week duration (20/4 til 27/4).. Quite a lot rite? But these are the compilation of both online shopping & offline shopping. This post is not for 'berlagak' purposes, after all perlu ker nak berlagak.. not my stuff anyway.. err, only few are mine, he he (temptation is there ok, not my fault!). Main purpose of this entry, so that my friends who kirim2 barang can have a sneak preview of their items & check/recon whether it is correct item or not. I know they are dying aka excited to received their items.

penat susun nak tangkap gambar

Ok.. here it goes

  1. Yellow Flanders Jersey Bioracer - Tod's
  2. Red Nalini Jersey Glicine Collection - Tod's
  3. Look KeO Cleat Covers - Tod's
  4. Scicon Cordura Saddle Bag - Tod's
  5. Inside GAP bag - Sasa's berthday pressie :)
  6. Old Navy Top in Fuschia - Cik Puan Iz's
  7. Heelarious Lily in Baby Pink - Cik Puan Iz's
  8. MBMJ Faridah Turnlock Hobo in Gray - Datin Yanz's
  9. Nine West Wedge Pumps in Yellow - Lady Anne
  10. Forever 21 black & white Kimono Dress- mine
  11. Forever 21 Black Leggings - mine
  12. F21 Orange Top - mine (Tinie, Dolla ckp cam kain buruk tuh)
  13. Forever 21 Offwhite tank top - mine
  14. Forever 21 White bow headband - mine
  15. Rare Minerals BE Skin Revival Treatment - Eefei DarLing
  16. Rare Minerals BE Nourishing Moisturizer - Eefei DarLing
  17. Rare Minerals BE Renew & Reveal Cleanser - Eefei DarLing
  18. Bare Minerals BE Blusher in Warmth - mine
  19. Sony Cybershot DSC T900 in Bronze Brown - Eefei DarLing
  20. Leathercase LCS CSVA in Brown - Eefei DarLing

Ok, that's all I guess...please check accordingly your items

I only can conclude that my items are mostly clothes.. I never hav enuff baju to wear anyway, complaining no baju to wear and so on... But who doesn't? Normal gals will always say not enuff baju, or not enuff handbag or not enuff makeup... So, I blame it on hormones!

Tuesday, April 28

Hasil Tangkapan (Part 1 of 2)

Need to do reconciliation for all items that I've bought thru online, bought at shop & items received thru shipping/tracking (someone else bought it, but courier it to me).. Okay Part 1 of 2 are from Motherhood Maternity for Ms. Anna Ley.

I'm quite dissapointed with the packaging during delivery by Motherhood Maternity. The gal spent like almost USD500 and when I received the packaging, it was like some sort of pasar malam items.. u know those longgok2 item, some with plastic some without plastic + the wrinkles.. For god sake all of it are not cheap item.. Why on earth Motherhood Maternity can't fold the clothes properly in a plastic.. Hmppphhh!

If all of these are my item, I will be very sad.. One thing she'll expecting, of coz she is excited + excited with clothes she bought for her new changing body.. What whud she feel if the items received at her door step looking like plastic sampah? Yes, the courier just left all the things in front of my door step selonggok like it is sampah u put outside ur apartment door before u go to throw it at the main garbage area. Looking at these, I need to do something.. So I repack it in a box & at the same time doing reconciliation so that Ms. Anna can verify everything :)

before & after

These are all the items.. Please revert once u've checked :)
  • (2) bra wrap - nude, black
  • (5) maternity pantyhose - all nude color
  • (1) footless tights / leggings? - black
  • (3) tummy sleeve - nude, black, white
  • (4) top - 2 white, green, gray
  • (5) tank top - 2 black, purple, gray, white
  • (3) dress - dark blue, black, fuschia/hot pink
  • (6) pants - 2 black, 2 gray, khaki, white

Monday, April 27

Happy Berth-Day Sasa!

sasa : me

My bestest bestie birthday is today! Happy 18th berth-day dear (seme bday tahun nih pun 18th kan, padahal 2x).. Love u so much!! Only she knows behind the spelling of berth-day.. ekekek.. kau kapal ker nuq? syyyy, it's our secret.. m*jd~

  • she's not celebrating it with me coz I'm not around
  • she's not celebrating it with her family
  • she's not celebrating it with my other febeles friends either..
  • she's not celebrating it with her bf also
  • she's not celebrating it with other scandal *ooopsss* *lariiiik*

Becoz...... she's celebrating it at TEHRAN, IRAN!!! with her Ship agent and Client... work related of coz, what else.. duh~ Ahhahahaha, jahat tak aku gelak kat kau :P

Anyway, wishing u all the best celebrating your berth-day @ middle east country.. tonnes of happiness, bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada.. Enjoy the rest of your berth-day.. jangan noti2, sila ngorat pak arab yang kaya bila transit kat dubai ($_$)

xoxo, itak

p/s - actually bukan today, supposed to be tommorrow 27th April.. tp since Malaysia n Iran dah masuk 27.. so boleh la.. Houston masih 26th April, sekian terima kasih

Sunday, April 26

Lazy Saturday

It's raining here on and off, scrap the shopping 8tvt coz the Outlet Mall is outdoor.. I dont want to get wet & definitely I like to shop in calm environment not wet environment. To conclude, no 8tvt for today.. just berkulat at home. Hubby's 8tvts are alternating between tv-sleep-chatting-internet browsing, as for me MDG2 (Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2) means in front of laptop the whole day... Matching with the title la - Lazy Saturday!

What is MDG2? It is ANTM Malaysian version.. I religously watch ANTM almost every cycle, but I'm getting sick of it, so MDG2 is a twist of it, twist in terms of contestants are Malaysian Gals of course, not mat salleh.. Yes, they do lingerie photoshoot.. No, they dont do naked photoshoot (this is to Faizad). There are lotsa Manglish, not English.. Ahh, what the heck, I'm Malaysian living in States, definitely I miss Manglish (pelik kan?)

Whilst watching them, ahhhh I'm so jealous *envy*. They have great bods, some are skinny b*tch which I dont like, but some really have curves yet slim! *semangat tetibe* So, I get my ass up & ready for a jog..Anyway coz it's mendung only, the rain have finally stopped. Came back from jog, I have nothing else to do.. Write this entry & calculating calories burned (tetibe obsessed). I've googled and found this activity calculator.

Warm up - 10 minutes of walking 3.5 mph, calories burned 42
Activity - 20 minutes of jogging (general), calories burned 156
Cool down - 10 minutes of walking 3.5 mph, calories burned 42

TOTAL = 240 calories burned

The figure 240, is it considered good workout or not?
No idea, help.. anyone?

Friday, April 24

Shea Butter Battle :(

Urs truly just came back from Shopping Mall today.. buying few stuff for friends & a bit stuff for me as well.. was in good mood (very good mood indeed.. heheh) until i was stopped by a kiosk salesperson, u know those kiosk in the middle lane in between proper built shop?

I don't usually stop to look, unless I'm interested.. but anyhow he manage to stop me by a trick (keji~). He hand me a small green rectangle stuff candy lookalike, i was.. huh? what is this? then he answered it is a soap.. then of course by nature i will stop to smell - now coz i'm stopping, i'm trapped..huhu

He was selling dead sea salt scrub + soap + lotion.. all those body care stuff range. Now, I'm trapped.. I can't walk away coz he started to hold my palm n scrubbing it with the sea salt, then still can't get away coz i need to wash my hand.. then still can't get away coz i need napkin/tissue to wipe my wet hand.. then... another thing lead to another thing...

I'm still ok with it, untill he wanted to put hand lotion to my hand while promoting the product bla bla bla... with shea butter... bla bla bla... HEH? STOP? SHEA BUTTER? Then politely, I said I dont like shea butter's smell.. and I said I'm not interested with any product with shea butter. Then I refused to test the product, but u know what? He held my right arm and insisted me to try the lotion.. WTH? One thing, I dont like to be arm held by strangers, second, I dont like product with shea butter. So why on earth he still force me to do what I dont want to do? Idiot @#$%^&*!


Luckily I managed to get away from the kiosk after that coz i saw the body lotion includes tea tree oil.. God knows if I have to try another product that I dont like... Chihihi..

Tea tree oil - another item in cosmetics which i hate... not for the smells tho, just bcoz it will make my skin peel like nobody's business!!

Benzoyl Peroxide - hate it! coz it irritates my skin :(

Thursday, April 23

Sandfest - Mustang Island

On the way to Mustang Island by ferry
At side mirror - sight of Port Aransas, we are leaving.. bye~

We are lucky because the same weekend we went here, there is Sandfest 2009 happening.. The rest almost the same sight, carnival, shops.. etc like normal festival have. The 2 major differences are lotsa of gals in bikini / bathing suit & sand castle competition.

Not a sand castle, this is sand sculpture (mermaid & merman)

Not a sand castle either, this is very big sandhill with carving

These are sandcastle.. I like!!

I also bought my 2nd kite at one of the carnival shop *hati berbunga-bunga dpt new kite*. The day before that hubby bought me a kite as well after me singing to him *nak main layang2.. nak main layang2 sampai 88 kali*. Let me just say that, my first kite koyak & lidi patah after serial of attempts to let it fly in the air.

Success!!! :) After maybe like 106th cubaan

The day before that.. this is maybe like my 23rd attemps
I remembered saying this to my hubby...
" Dont give up on me, Dont give up on the kite"
Punya la gigih nak main layang-layang
I shud be getting extra credit for my determination, no?

Wednesday, April 22

USS Lexington

USS Lex CV-16 as a museum

USS Lex CV-16 during war 1945 at Tokyo bay (black & white tuh)

After having breakkie and snappy session around the fisihing house.. off we go to USS Lexington - an aircraft carrier ship during WW2 turned museum now after retired. Earlier we watched Pearl Harbor film during breakkie which were filmed there doesn't help at all. The thought that maybe i'll stumble upon handsome pilot like Ben Affleck or Josh Harnett... roar~ Maybe I can meet with cute Sailor (abang Navy) like Cuba Gooding Jr pun okkkayyy sangat dah! *daydreaming mode*

perkahwinan 2 darjat nih - Captain dengan Sailor tader pangkat
takut hubby emo tengok entry kali nih
I lev u sayang!! U r my beloved abang navy~

Sadly, there is no sight of any navy or at least orang yang berlakon pakai baju navy pun.. Abang pengakap buat rombongan cik kiah dengan bebudak pengakap banyak la... So, tak koserrrr tangkap gambar dengan diorang... Being me, daydreaming a lot.. A bit hampa no abang navy, so end up taking picture with Abang Navy mannequin version & to reduce kehampaan taking picx with "NAVY" word at one of the aircraft. Boleh la~~

Abang Navy plastic.. hnf hnf hins

angin sangat kuat yer.. mata masuk habuk

Ouh, the ship bau busuk tau.. But hubby said that is the normal smell in the ship or pelantar minyak offshore.. He said that most probably, the smells coming from the material used.. (steel i guess?) How shud i know, never been to a pelantar minyak before. The nearest I've been pun in Cruiseship Superstar Gemini, definitely very lavish ala2 titanic.

*still day dreaming* operating a non-functional cannon

Thought we were going to be in there for 2 hours max, end up almost 4 hours - parking paid for 2 hours only, luckily didnt get any ticket *phewww*... From the outside, Lex looks small, rupernyer besar nak M, penat gilaaaaaaaaaa.. with all the small steep stairs + rooms.. come to think of it, of course Lex is demn big, an aircraft can take off n landing on it!!

Tuesday, April 21

Fishing House @ Aransas Pass

Arrived at Aransas Pass around 9.30pm on Friday.. Very dark with neibor's dog keep barking at us as if we were a burglar. No idea, what the house look like coz its dark. One thing for sure, I saw the boat under the house. After having difficulties to open / closing the garage + keyed in wrong pin combination, finally managed to enter the house and wow....cantiknyerrr rumah nih.. Rocky & family really have a good fishing house, sadly they were thinking of selling it.

We straight went out after that to Corpus Christi for the sake of viewing the city at nite n stop by at Walmart to buy drinking water, fruits and few other stuff. Then off to sleep.. ZzZz... Woke up, haaaa... baru nampak rumah tuh cemana, nice..... So enjoy~

the fishing house, the boat & our truck

the living room (surround system okay)

the kitchen

the fireplace & the balcony (viewing area)

the master bedroom

basket full of starfish, coral n siput

A lovely trip I can say bcoz it is a beach area - meaning the breeze, the birds (minus the pelican yg buruk kembang tekak), good seafood.. Kinda similar feeling when I lived at Kuantan. Whateva it is, there are few points that need to be clarify here:

  1. We didn't go fishing bcoz we dont know how to fish + no experience at all on fishing matters
  2. Plus we also never ever drive (drive ke?) a boat, so the boat just tersengeh bawah rumah
  3. But we bought the corals, siputs, tapak slemans so dat we have a deco item which look like the picx above.. he he..

Alar, dah sleepy... will continue later

Monday, April 20

Happy 18th Birthday, Apau!

Abang Fadzli - single n available kan?

Tribute to Apau aka Mohamad Fadzli bin Jaafar, one of my besfren who celebrated his birthday on 19th April. Studying at Perak for 5 years and having the same birthday as Hari Keputeraan Sultan Perak means only one thing >> Late Birthday partayyyyyy on birthday eve n woke up late the next day & no need to think of going to the lecture coz it is holidayyy!! yeay...

Let me share one incident happened during our final semester at Uni >> Mr Lai's class, Multinational Corporate Finance & International Business. For our course there are 2 options for minoring either Corporate Management or Finance Management. As for our batch 80% took Corporate Management so it left us around 16-18 students in Finance classes which include both of us. Being a rebelious & last minute study type of student we always sat behind of the rest in class (me, apau, mon n apis) & never pay attention to Mr Lai altho Mr Lai nih cute!! =)

So one fine day, Mr Lai did a pop quiz.. yes mengelabah la kami, nasib baik dtg klas.. kalau x lagi haru... Few classes after that, Mr Lai masuk kelas dgn kertas pop quiz in hand. One thing about Mr Lai, he always arrange the test paper / quiz paper from the highest score to the lowest score (this is my 3rd class with Mr Lai).. quite annoying tp after dat mmg boleh kutuk ar..Then, the torturing begin... he call out our name n start giving out the result.. And as expected... urs truly, apau, mon n apis punya marks plg corot.. before handing out our paper Mr Lai siap sound "I smell somebody will fail this subject" referring to 4 of us la...

We headed out the class dengan malunyer.. baeeeek punya kene carut dgn lecturer. Anyhow, we didn't flunk the subject, managed to graduate in time :)

Anyway.. happy 18th birthday apau (18th ke? will always be 18 kan?) Wishing u a wonderful year ahead n tonnes of happiness.

Saturday, April 18

Minggu Kobis Sedunia

Merasa~ letak gambar kobis... suka ati la kan.. Vegetable choices here are very limited, errrrr let me rephrase the sentence.. Vegetable "dat i know how to cook" here are very limited, contoh sayur that i have no idea to cook, red raddish. Baru terperasan i've cooked cabbage for 4 days in a row for lunch.

  • Monday, kobis goreng with oyster sauce.. letak udang sket
  • Tuesday, kuah lemak kobis (kuah kaler putih tu)
  • Wednesday, sup sayur (ada kobis gak, altho banyak sayur lain)
  • Thursday, kobis goreng dengan ikan bilis
Today is Friday, kobis dah kene banned by me of course.. Kesian kat hubby makan kobis everyday, tapi dia x complain pun.. Lepas dia baca blog nih, entah2 baru dia sedar.. So sayang, today's menu is Spaghetti Bolognese.. Spaghetti or Penne? I prefer Penne, he prefer Spaghetti. One thing for sure, vege that i'll use are carrot, mushroom, celery & tomato.. No cabbage!

Friday, April 17

Postcard for me?

Checked my mailbox just now.. guess what?? i rcvd 2 postcards from... myself. Ampes sungguh, last 2 days went to USPS to send postcard for ayong & ana (old school kan.. kirim postcard). One thing for sure, I know Ana will appreciate receiving postcard from me.. As for Ayong awal2 dah kene kutuk... "apa barang hantar poskad, gila kuno.. call guna YM or gtalk jer la" and i reply to her "webcam ita kalau on, nampak dahi jer.. kalau nampak seluruh muka, ita pulak x nampak kibod n screen"

Went to USPS office, ask them what happened.. then dia gelak2 coz it seems that I'm using different format as what they usually use. This is the format that i use...

So, the USPS people (postman or orang yg sort the mail) will always send the letter/postcard/package using the bottom address altho I wrote my address sangatlah keciknyer. Regardless I ada tulis To & From okay.... As for me, how shud i noe.. I use this format all this while, Pos Malaysia x penah complain pun.. elok jer sampai. So the USPS staff scrap my address using black marker pen and resend it. Nasib baik x kene bayar postage lagi skali.
Lesson learnt! :P

Thursday, April 16

Effort to recreate Garden Omelette

Urs truly tried to recreate the taste as well as the look of my fav garden omelette...

The result: look & taste like a TELUR DADAR HANCUR!! boleh x? rasa nak nangis jer.. since rupa ia sangatlah huduh aka tidak memberangsangkan, maka saya tidak mahu letak dlm entry ini.. *malu*

At least gimme credit to my effort trying recreate the dish? will u? :(

Wednesday, April 15

Nice Jogging Trail

Remember my first entry when i said i found new place to jog.. a cool place to be exact. Well, yesterday urs truly went jogging & snap a bit picx here n there. First and foremost, it is not a jogging track.. it is a jogging trail.. Since i'm not that good describing a place/view/scenery.. let the picx do the hard work.

the place :)

the entrance

trail in between pine trees *feeling mild seven advertisement*

flowers along the jogging trail.. lovely!

my fav spot of all.. cantik x? kene cakap cantik gak *this is a threat*

Tuesday, April 14

gendang GENDUT tali kecapi

Kenyang perut suka hati :)

Sunday - Earlier of the day just berkulat at home watch tv and lepaking. There's thunderstorm alert so take cover & park the cars away from the trees. Quite scary, as my balcony is facing this one pokok.. kesian pokok nih, masa angin kencang all the branches like swept away to one side.. the branches must be very flexible coz surprisingly, no branches were broken... Hurrah to the pokok!!

Since i didnt have IHOP's garden omelette on Saturday, i was like menyanyi2 at hubby's ear to eat there, so we went there for dinner around 8.30pm. Err, we did have bowl of porridge + anchovies around 6.30pm u know... dat's y yesterday is like my "hari makan sedunia". Felt really guilty coz i ate like there is no tommorrow... what happened to my own promise to myself to eat healthily, bah!

Doesn't matter morning/noon/night, i still ordered Garden Omelette altho it is more suitable for breakkie. This time i said to hubby, i don't want to share.. i want it all to myself.. yes, tamak haloba sangat.

my fav garden omelette.. the color quite pale rite? but it's ok.. I love it!

So hubby ordered sumthing else which is............. I don't remember bcoz i'm too busy containing my saliva from drooling out & absorbing my excitement. Serve in a basket with lotsa fried prawn, garlic bread and fries. The prawn looks like popcorn, so i wud like to called it Prawn Popcorn!

his prawn popcorn :)

Saturday, April 11


I'm going shopping tommorrow... Yeay yEaY YeAy =)
Well frankly speaking... almost every weekend i went shopping as well, but this particular hobby will always makes me excited and happy... no matter how, no mater what..period. Gonna sleep early so that can wake up early, and melangok at the outlet mall longer... nge nge nge :D

Oh, going to have breakfast at IHOP... (excited again) *wink wink*
I heart the Garden Omelette there... The scrambled egg beaten to perfection (fluffy) added with mushroom, cheese, tomatoes & green onions. The best part, it come with 2 slices of pancakes *drooling*. Hmm...pancake or waffle eh?? It is a pancake but buttery taste like waffle. I like my pancake with butter + butterpecan syrup! There are few type of syrup u can choose from. I have tried only 2 tho, original and butterpecan.. since then, no turning back.. I only want the butterpecan! It is a big breakkie actually, so we always share it together. Save huh? One breakkie shared between me n hubby.

This is like my ideal breakkie combine with my favorite supper. I'm pretty sure Sasa & Acai remember that I always wanted to go to 24 hours A&W at PJ oldtown to eat ice cream waffle there. Penah terserempak dgn Aznil Nawawi lagi, kelllless tau.. awet muda tau dia.. eh dah melalut

So, toddles... great start for a weekend... fav 8tvt & fav breakkie...

P/s - Encik Farris (merasa~ bg nama sebenar) baca the previous post then dia geram, then dia kaco my Windows Sidebar lagi.. this time he changed the calendar.. apahal la calendar dah jadi 23rd April neih.. hins~


urs truly woke up late today, so no IHOP breakkie for me (padan muka, saper suh bangun lambat kan?) grab Subway tuna sandwich for fast/late brekkie errr brunch tho.. nasib baik sedap... he heh

Friday, April 10

Notes @ Windows Sidebar

At my laptop i have this "Notes" application at my windows sidebar. Basically it is similar like post-it-notes just that it is not sticky bcoz it is virtual. What i wrote there?? He he *blush* mainly things to do, things to buy or my wishlist (wishlist for me to fulfill by myself by going shopping it is!!).

Currently the first page of the notes is my wishlist. There are 4 items which are:

1) HL --> coming soon at my doorstep - status, half fulfill
2) F21 --> tops from forever21 dat i'm eyeing - status, no progress
3) henbeg hitam --> status, change my mind to have a b&w henbeg
4) henbeg putih --> n/a, let the new search of b&w begin..

Then just now, when i started melangok in front of my laptop i realize, there is new item.. heh? mana datang nih

5) wtf??

SEBUK JER, tader keje lain la tuh!! yes, my hubby harrased my notes.. hmmph~

Tuesday, April 7

Mexican Flava~

I'm under pressure.. he he.. Sabar jer la.. blog baru bukak 2 hari, Eefei cayunks dah start tanya, bila nak update?? I will update time to time k.. I promise (heh, promise ker) so no pressure eh?

The other day, hubby and I went to Mamasito's to try out Mexican cuisine. This restaurant is recommended by one of the makcik2 at the health centre. We went there, well nice decor, nice lighting (kinda dim & romantic), attentive waitress only one problem the food is crappy!! Well, not crappy bcoz there are so many people dine there only that Mexican dish is totally not my cup of tea.

This is the appetizer, tricolor chips with dips . No idea what sauce is that, but rasa mcm sambal lada without the belacan. One sambal is red in color and another sambal is green. The green one is added with mint i think bcoz it tastes a bit minty. The tricolor (green, white & red) resembles Mexico flag actually. Rasa >> u cant go wrong with chips!! Common la weih

I ordered shrimp enchiladas. Looks yummy kan? Looks can be deceiving tau. From top *hi deja* to bottom *hi nasriq*, refried bean, shrimp enchiladas with avocado cream sauce & rice pilaf. Avocado?! *hi sasa*. The enchiladas & rice are fine... but refried bean, apakah itu?? kacang yg telah digoreng semula tp kenapa tader ruper goreng, mcm dah jadi bubur jer.. or maybe refried bean then letak dlm periuk & stew it? Whatever it is, the refried bean sux big time!

Hubby quite reluctant to order food with foreign food name (which resulted not understanding what have been ordered like me) so he ordered Shrimp Fajitas. Nevertheless, a good choice coz his food is much better compared to mine *jeles*. So no need to elaborate more, tortillas, grilled shrimp & salad, rice pilaf & benda dlm mangkuk tu tatau apa. But no worries, no weird things such as bacon or nonhalal chicken or nonhalal meat, all vege and seafood :)

As for drinks, mine strawberry lemonade, his = coke.

We left the restaurant with full tummy but not satisfied (me only) *pose masih x puas hati dengan refried bean tuh*.

P/s - Sorie for the blur picx, camera phone top up with dim lighting.. what do u expect? duh~

Sunday, April 5

In remembrance of the dead?

Okay, first of all.. I would like to apologize for closing my old blog.. This post is for remembrance of cumicikkie.blogspot.. hahaha, perlu ker? To be truth, I totally abandoned it so that's the main reason why i closed it (tapi bukan ramai org baca pun, stakat korang2 geng febeles jer kan). Credit to be given to Eefei cayunks coz she's the one who created it and only ask me to post, and if i'm not mistaken beside me there are 2 other contributors which are Zal & Eefei herself who never contibute anyway coz they have their own blog to update...

Now lemme tell about the rebranding of my blog... This is more mature blog compared to cumicikkie (ya rite? boleh caya ke? ehek ehek). Hmmm... basically i open this blog coz i am sooo far away from my family n frensss.. Am missing them sooo much, so few of them (u know who u r) who insist me open a blog so that i can share what i'm doing, post picx, gossip and etc etc seperti melahakan mak...eks!!

Long story short, the URL stating as fabxing.blogspot...
As in fab xing = fabulous crossing
Where did i get the idea? Let the picture below explain.. la la la~

The first picx Ped Xing is a shortform for Pedestrian Crossing - always saw this sign at shopping mall parking lot, to ensure kereta2 bagi laluan kat pejalan2 kaki katanya~

The later picx, self explanatory la kan?? I never saw this sign before but today i went jogging at this cool jogging trail n saw this sign.. boleh tahan la gelak2... but seriously i didnt see any duck there...

I have this habit of giving expired bread to ducks, geese or seagulls and sometimes pelican.. I always went to a lake at Nassau bay and there are lotsa of them here and derang nih memang tersangat la suka lepak tgh jalan sampai kereta2 kene tunggu more than 10 minutes sampai derang blah! Funny things is, no duckxing sign there. ducks --> got sign duckxing
Lots of ducks --> no sign at all

Whateva la....
Ouh during my jog session today.. I meet Jack the Tabby cat.. misai sgt pjg n cantik POUNCE! :D